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ABSTRACT The integration of Information Communication Technology (ICT) into educational practice continues to be lauded as having the potential to dramatically transfonn the teaching and learning process. This qualitative study sought to explore teachers’~ perceptions of the contribution of ICT integration to the teaching and learning of Modern Studies at a single~gender urban secondary school (St. Peters’ College Tororo). Four teachers, purposefully selected, were interviewed during the month of March 2018. The views expressed by the teachers were summarized and discussed under six themes. The results showed that teachers generally perceive the integration of ICT as having a positive effect on the delivery of Modern Studies. ICT use was associated with enhanced student interest and motivation and increased student engagement. Teachers also reported increased teacher confidence as ICT use added dynamism to their teaching and aroused greater enthusiasm and excitement. Concerns were expressed about negative consequences that ICT use could have for student learning. For more effective use of ICT in the classroom, it was recommended that teacher training be oriented towards developing skills in pedagogy related to ICT use. In addition, teachers could capitalize on the expertise that exists amongst the digital natives in their classrooms when attempting to integrate technology into their teaching. Key words: Infonnation and communication technology, ICT. embedded ICT, integrated ICT system, enhanced learning. teclmology~rich learning environments, teaching with technology.

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