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Elementary Units in Chemical Reactions

Electronic Configuration 1 - Static Model

The Nucleus and Radioactivity

Chemical Bonding I: Electrovalent, Covalent and Co-ordinate Covalent

Chemical Bonding II: Metallic and Intermolecular Bonding 

Periodic Table I: Classification of Elements

Electronic Configuration II: Atomic Orbital Model

Periodic Table II: Gradations of Atomic Properties

Mole Concept I

Mole Concept II

The Kinetic Theory and States of Matter

The Gas Laws (I): Boyle's and Charle's Laws and the General Gas Equations

The Gas Laws II: Dalton's, Graham's, Avogadro's and Gay Lussac's laws



Energy and Energy Changes in Chemical and Physical Processes

Changes in Chemical and Physical Processes (II). The Free Energy and Spontaneous Reactions

Chemical Kinetics (I) — Rates of Reactions

Chemical Kinetics (II) — Collision Theory and the Activation Energy

Chemical Equilibrium (I) Reversible Reactions and Le Chatelier's Principle

Chemical Equilibrium (II) Applications

Acids, Bases and Salts : General Properties

Acids, Bases and Salts: Applications in Volumetric Analysis

Electrolysis And Redox Reactions

Practical Applications of Electrolysis

Carbon and Its Compounds

The Chemistry of Important Industrial Gases

Metals I: General Characteristics

Metals H - The Transition Metals

Chemical Bonding 1: Electrovalent, Covalent and Co-ordinate Covalent

Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Classification of Organic Molecules

The Homologous Series, Functional Groups and Isomerism

IUPAC Nomenclature of Organic Compounds

Purification Methods and the Determination of Empirical, Molecular and Structural Formula of Organic Compounds

The Chemistry of Alkanes

The Chemistry of Alkenes and Alkynes

Introduction to the Chemistry of Benzene

Introduction to Petroleum Chemistry

Alkanols I: Classification, Sources and Uses of Alkanols

Alkanol II - Characteristics of Alkanols

Alkanoic Acids


Fats, Oils and Amino acids

An Introduction to Polymer Chemistry


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