Polymer Degradation


Polymers are used in various ways and they constitute the bulk of demand in the utilization of basic petrochemicals both in industries and domestic uses. Polymers have posed serious environmental problems because of their undegradability. Polymer degradation is a change in the properties of a polymer or polymer based products under the influence of one or more environmental factors such as heat, light, chemicals such as acids, alkalis and some salts, atmospheric oxygen, microorganisms etc., These changes are usually undesirable, such as changes during use, cracking and depolymerisation of products or, more rarely desirable, as in biodegradation or deliberately lowering the molecular weight of a polymer for recycling. The changes in properties are often termed “aging”. In a finished product such a change can be prevented or delayed by the use of some additives.

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Abstract iii
1.0 Introduction 1
1.1 Degradable and Non-degradable Polymers 2
1.2.0 Types of Degradation 3
1.2.1 Thermal Degradation 3
1.2.2 Chemical Degradation 6
1.2.3 Photodegradation 9
1.2.4 Biodegradation 10
1.3.0 Advantages of Polymer Degradation 12
1.3.1 Disadvantages of Polymer Degradation 13
1.4 Preventive Measures 13
 Conclusion 15
 References 16

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