Cryogenic Science And Engineering

This report is intended for a general insight into cryogenics. Different individuals may have faint ideas about what cryogenics are as much is not known here in Nigeria about what cryogenics are and this report work clearly gave a deeper knowledge of cryogenics  
 Chapter one gives a brief history of cryogenics and the various cryogenic temperatures that have been achieved since 1800 to 1965.

 Chapter two gives a general knowledge of the fundamentals of cryogenic engineering, it gives a precise definition of cryogenics, it talks about what cryogenic fluids are, the uses of cryocoolers, different properties of materials at cryogenic temperatures, behaviour of materials at cryogenic temperature,  the importance and types of cryogenic insulation and the instrumentations that are used in cryogenic engineering. 

Chapter three of this report clearly explained the importance of cryogenics as applicable to our everyday life ranging from space travel to improvements of war weapons for defense.  

In chapter four a detailed explanation of the industrial applications of cryogenics was discussed and it is interesting to know that cryogenics are applicable to different industries such as: The pharmaceutical industries, the gas industries, the steel industries etc. This was done in order to know the viability of cryogenic engineering.

Chapter five highlighted some important cryogenic materials and also some important cryogenic novel materials

A thorough view of this chapter will help one to know the important properties that these (novel) materials have and the areas where they
find vast applications

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Fundamental of cryogenic
2.1  An overview of cryogenics
2.2  How cryogenics work
2.3  Method of achieving cryogenic temperature
2.4  Cryogenic fluids/cryogens
2.5 Cryocooler
2.6 Crogenic Insulation
2.7  Instrumentation in cryogenic insulation
2.8  Properties of cryogenic fluids
2.9 Behaviour of materials at low temperature    

3.0   Importance of cryogenic science and technology
3.1   Space travel
3.2   Magnetic separation
3.3   Improvement in the lives of tools and equipments
3.4   Recycling of raw materials
3.5   For the study of specific organisms
3.6    For the study of cold energy systems
3.7   The manufacturing of appliances
3.8    Refrigeration
3.9    Improvements of war weapons for defense

4.0    Industrial applications
4.1    Cryosurgery
4.2    Gas industry
4.3 Automobile industry
4.4 Steel industry
4.5 Superconductivity of certain industrial components

5.0 Cryogenic engineering of novel materials and others

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