Research Papers/Topics in History & Archeology

An Integrated Approach in Records Management at Sable Chemical Industry (2008-2016).

Abstract The study presents an integrated approach in records management for Sable chemical Industry during the period of 2008 to 2016. An integrated approach is a system used in records management in which the combination of paper-based records and electronic records work hand in hand in records keeping. The study however established that there is seemingly misplacement as and missing of files in the presents of an integrated approach of electronic and paper records. The study, therefo...

Perspectives on the Origin, Genealogical Narration, Early Migrations and Settlement Morphology of the Tiv of Central Nigeria

This paper presents some reflections on the origin, genealogical narration, early migrations and settlement morphology of the Tiv of Central Nigeria. Tiv people of central Nigeria today inhabit a substantial part of the Middle Benue Valley of Nigeria. In the various works of scholars of Tiv historiography, there has been an on-going debate on the origin, genealogy and migrations of the Tiv people. This is possibly because of lack of adequate archaeological, anthropological and historical r...

The Mystery of Yam

It  locates the place of Yam in Nigeria Society in general and Igbo society in particular. It shows the stages of human development from early time and how these stages evolved with change in human environment. Finally it dealt on state formation which is the super structure of the base. 

Thoughts on Historical Explanation

This work attempts a conceptualization of Historical Explanation, and discusses its variants. It also attempts to solve the problem of significance of historical explanation by discarding the methodological view according to which the natural sciences have been solely subjected and also dispels explanation from the realm of social sciences as based solely on understanding. Rather, it supposes that an employment of both cores would produce a balance