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Indigenous Leadership Of The Anglican Diocese Of Accra, 1968 – 2012.

ABSTRACTThe Anglican Diocese of Accra (ADOA) has been confronted with the exodus of members from the church. From the time of the first indigenous bishop, various synods of the church have viewed it as a major problem. This tendency was attributed to the nature of the liturgy and the extensive way of worship. The liturgy even though repackaged and the worship style changed with the infusion of local instruments and choruses that meet the worship needs of the present generation, the anticipate...

Role Of Christian Religion In Retaining People In Abusive Marriages In Trans-Nzoia County, Rift Valley Region Kenya

ABSTRACTThis study set out to investigate the role of religion in retaining people in abusive marraiges in Trans-Nzoia County.

Christian-Muslim Relations: Implication On Socioeconomic Development Of Kitui County

ABSTRACTThis study focuses on the investigation of the Christian and Muslim relations and its implication on socio economic development

Christian-Muslim Dialogue With Particular Reference To Pentecostals And Muslims In Nairobi North District, Nairobi County, Kenya

ABSTRACT Interfaith dialogue is indispensable to peace and tranquility globally within the context of religious pluralism. Christians and Muslims worldwide stand in need of greater intercommunication, collaboration, and interfaith dialogue for harmonious living. Leaders of these faiths concur that Christian-Muslim dialogue is imperative. However, the interaction between Pentecostal Christians and Muslims has generally been characterized by distrust, apprehension and mutual rivalry, some...

Factors Affecting Youth Participation In Church Programmes Within The Presbyterian Church Of East Africa, Kajiado Presbytery, Kajiado County, Kenya

ABSTRACT Youth failing to participate in the Church programmes though they attend church in large numbers has been a major concern in the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) Kajiado Presbytery. As a result, most of church groups are being led by the elderly people. Failure of youths to be represented in various church groups is a great threat to growing churches because it means that future leaders are not being groomed which can result to having weak churches or even dissolution ...

The Impact Of Prosperity Gospel Teaching On Whole-Life Stewardship: A Case Of Africa Gospel Church In Kampala, Uganda

ABSTRACT The phenomenal rise of the Prosperity Gospel Teaching (PGT) continues to mushroom in Christian circles and has an influence on the whole-life stewardship. The purpose of the study was to investigate the impact of prosperity gospel teaching (PGT) on whole-life stewardship in AGC in the Kampala area, Uganda. The conceptual framework for the whole-life stewardship has three independent variables as popular prosperity gospel teaching, biblical theology of material prosperity, and c...

Investigating Issues Interfering With Spiritual Development Of Youth In Kenya: A Case Study Of Kenya Central District Of The Church Of The Nazarene

ABSTRACTSpiritual development of youth is on of the most important aspects of any individual both at church and society.

The Effectiveness Of Pastoral Counselling In The Management Of HIV/AIDs In The Church In Malawi: A Case Of The Church Of The Nazarene, Malawi Central District

ABSTRACT This study was conducted within the Church of the Nazarene, Malawi Central District. The study sought to investigate the effectiveness of pastoral counselling in the management of HIV/AIDS in the church. The objectives of the study were to establish the role of pastors concern for members welfare in effective management of HIV/AIDS; to assess the role of pastors social skills in HIV/AIDS management; to examine the role of pastors training (technical skills) in HIV/AIDS; and to ...

Religion in a Scientific And Technological Era : The Nigerian Experience

ABSTRACT There is no known society the world over without religion. This shows that religion is an indispensable element in any human society. Throughout the ages religion has offered solutions to man’s problems, and explanations to the mysteries of the world. The desire for man to know and conquer his environment led to the advancement of science and technology. Consequently man has always longed and had a human and environmental transition from one region of development to another t...

Doctrines Of Dreams

ABSTRACTDreams according to Morton T Kesley are any content that comes in sleep and is remebered.

Enhancing Moments Of Truth To Amplify Users Perception Of University Libraries In Kenya

ABSTRACTThere is a weakness in the way university libraries manage various moment of truth.

Christian-Muslim Dialogue With Particular Reference To Pentecostals And Muslims In Nairobi, Kenya

Interfaith dialogue is becoming a household name in our global society within the context of religious pluralism. Christians and Muslims are widely spread across the globe commanding almost a half of global population. Some Christians, particularly among some Pentecostals view Muslims with distrust, apprehension and rivalry. In Nairobi, Kenya, features of mistrust, disharmony, and intolerance among Pentecostal churches toward Muslims have been witnessed and vice versa. The study explored ...

Holiness And Economic Justice: What Are God’s Intentions For Kenyans Today?

ABSTRACTThe thesis proposes God's intention for Kenyan society, especially the Evangelical Christians, to the transformation of the poor economic state of Kenya and the gains that may be derived from it.

The Impact Of Ethnic Violence Among Christian Youth In Kainuk, Turkana County Kenya

ABSTRACTThis study was undertaken in Kainuk, Kenya and was aimed at evaluating the impact of the ethnic violence among christian youth.

“Name It, Claim It, Grab It:” The Hermeneutical Approach Of Lighthouse Chapel International.

ABSTRACTThe proliferation of Prosperity Preaching which characterized the contemporary Ghanaian Christianity has created an intense scholarly debate among those who considered ‘prosperity preaching’ as ‘non-Christian’ and those who perceive it as a way to contextualize Christianity in the Ghanaian context. The study entered the debate from a different perspective which focuses on the hermeneutical approach implemented by proponents of ‘prosperity preaching.’ To reach the aim, the ...

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