Research Papers/Topics in Early Childhood Education

Freedom in the Montessori Classroom Environment

This article looks at the various types of freedom children enjoy within the Montessori Prepared environment and the limits to these freedoms. An example of what played out in the classroom one day was given in this article for your perusal. Enjoy it.

Stem Starts Early: Views And Beliefs Of Early Childhood Education Stakeholders In Tanzania1

Abstract: For about a decade, Tanzania has intensely focused on developing literacy and numeracy skills in pre-primary and early grades programs. Recently, the attention has shifted towards the significance of teaching Science, Mathematics, Technology and Science (STEM) in the early years. To enhance the 21st century skills necessary for building a middle income and knowledge-based economies, the existing empirical evidence emphasizes the need for STEM education starting from pre-primary...

Timely Promotion As A Motivation Factor For Job Performance Among Pre-Primary School Teachers: Observations From Tanzania

Abstract: The study explored the role of timely promotion as a motivational factor among pre-primary school teachers. Two districts (1 urban affluent and 1 rural poor) were selected. Stratified purposive sampling was used in the selection of 16 schools - 08 from each district; 32 pre-primary school teachers – 04 from each school, and 08 school principals – 01 from each school. Data were collected through interviews, questionnaires and documentary review. Regardless of urbanicity, find...