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Anthropometric Determination of Body Height from Foot Length of Adults in Abeokuta Southwest Nigeria

Forensic identification of an individual in this time of unrest in some parts of the world cannot beo .overemphasized. The study was conducted to investigate and determine the body height (Bh)from foot length (Fl). The Bh and Fl of Two hundred and sixty (260) adults(male and female) of participate in Abeokuta Southwest Nigeriaa, ages ranged between 24 years and 55 years

Preprocessing and Simulation of Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Outcomes Data

Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) is a cessation of cardiac mechanical activity that occurs outside of the hospital setting and is confirmed by the absence of signs of circulation. OHCA affects nearly 1000 adult Americans every day, with overall survival rate of 10.4%. Based on previous work in this subject I try to calculate the joint probability distributions of the neurological outcomes of the OHCA outcomes in our records, based on the Event Demographics, Field Care, and Hospital Care....

The Combined Application of Quality Function Deployment and Pareto Analysis for Hotel Services Improvement

Introduction For several years, Quality Function Deployment (QFD) has been at the leading edge of research and development in many fields (Barnett and Raja, 1995; Chiou and Tong, 2001; Han et al., 2001; Pitman et al., 1996; Pramod et al., 2007; Walker, 2002; Wang, 2007). QFD evolved as a way to incorporate knowledge about the needs and desires of end-user customers into all stages of the design, manufacture, delivery and support of products and services (Einspruch, 1996; Griffin and. Hauser, ...

A Framework For an In-House Development of Educational Management Information System

ABSTRACT A large percentage of Nigerian educational institutions use manual and paper- based system for collecting, processing, and disseminating information. This approach results in inefficient utilization of resources, low productivity and stunted growth of the educational sector. In this study the in-house users- development approach has been used to develop a computer based Educational lnformation Management System (8MS) for a typical University academic department. The existing work Sy...

A Genetic Algorithm for Job Scheduling in Two Machine Flow Shop Problem

Abstract This paper considers the problem of scheduling in flow-shop by Johnson's Algorithm method, Branch and- Bound Algorithm method and Genetic Algorithm-seethed to find an optimal sequence for n jobs m-machine problem based on minimum elapsed time.ln scheduling the two machine flow shop problem F211 I C, one has to determine a schedule that minimizes the sum of , finishing times of an arbitrary number of jobs that need to be executed on two machines, such that each job must complete proce...

Optimum Allocation of Silicone Oil in Flexible Polyurethane Foam Production

ABSTRACT The high cost of purchasing good quality flexible polyurethane foam called for this project work, which examines the possible reduction in the cost of production which will eventually lead to reduction in all overall market cost. Process optimization technique was adopted using gradual chemical variance method for the foam surfactant (silicone oil) to locate the optimum silicone oil quantity required as against the usual practice of ipart of silicone oil to 100 part of polyol for 20...

Goal Programming Model For Production Planning In A Toothpaste Factory

ABSTRACT The GP model was developed for production planning in a toothpaste factory. Two objectives were distinguished: minimization of processing cost, and maximization of the capacity utilization of production facilities. Two priority structures were used to explore the trade-off options. When processing cost minimization was assigned the first priority, the utilizations of Processing Plant 1 and Filling Machine 2 were 20.32% and 0.18% respectively. When capacity utilization was assigned fi...

Application of Neuro-Fuzzy Models to Grinding Wheel Parameters

Abstract  Grinding is one of the most important fishing operations and it is very useful in our automobile industries. A grinding wheel is made of very small, sharp and hard abrasive particles or grits held together by strong porous bond. The paper presents, a control system for grinding process using neuro -fuzzy technique. The grinding parameters include circurmferentiaI speed of a grinding se ent workpiece velocity and work depth of cut. The maximum grinding temperature is very important ...

Design and Fabrication of a Cassava Peeling Machine

ABSTRACT The varying shapes and sizes of cassava tubers have made cassava peeling to one of the major problems in the mechanisation of cassava processing. A cassava peeling machine was designed and constructed. The design parameters include a power requirement of 0.36hp, belt tensions of 349.7 and 1807.5N and shaft diameter of 35mm. Its main component is a peeling chamber, which consists of two perforated drums rotating in the opposite direction. The machine had an average capacity of of 44.5...

Finishing and Aesthetic Capabilities of Nigerian Metal Fabrication Companies

Poor finishing and aesthetics capabilities of metal fabrication companies in Nigeria have been identified as a major cause of the poor acceptance of locally fabricated metal products. This study was aimed at assessing some finishing capabilities of Nigerian companies. 

An Application Of Artificial Neural Network To Maintenance Management

ABSTRACT This study shows the usefulness of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) in maintenance planning and management.

Optimisation Of Weld-Metal Chemical Composition From Welding Flux Ingredients: A Non-Pre-Emptive Goal Programming Approach

ABSTRACT A non-pre-emptive goal programming (NGP) model for weld metal chemical composition optimization from welding-flux ingredients is proposed. 

Biogas Production From Organic Waste

ABSTRACT Waste management is a very big challenge in Nigeria today.

Solving Difference Equations by Forward Difference Operator Method

ABSTRACT In this paper a forward difference operator method was used to solve a set of difference equations. We also find the particular solution of the nonhomogeneous difference equations with constant coefficients. In this case, a new operator call the forward difference operator ∆r,s, defined as ∆r,s yn = r yn+1 - s yn, was introduced. Some of the properties of this new operator were also investigated. 

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