Research Papers/Topics in Environment And Resource Studies

Comprehensive Logical Framework of Project on Capacity Building for Youth on Waste Management

Comprehensive Logical framework of project on Capacity Building for youth on waste management 

Climate Change Effects On Food Security And Coping Strategies By Women Groups In Gikindu Division, Kiharu Sub County, Murang’a County, Kenya

The study sought to find out the climate change effects on food security, and the community coping strategies in Gikindu Division in Murang’a County. The study was in response to the profound climate change effects over the years leading to depressed rainfall and increased temperatures exposing the farmers to the risk of diminished returns from the production activities. Gikindu area sits on a low agro-ecological zone five and six which is prone to persistent crop failure attributed t...

Quantifying Rate Of Vegetation Cover Changes In Enugu State Using Ndvi Techniques For The Year 1991, 2003 And 2015

ABSTRACT This project examines the rate of vegetation cover changes in Enugu State using NDVI techniques for the year 1991, 2003 and 2015 so as to detect changes that has taken place between these periods. The main goal of this study is to evaluate vegetation cover change of the study area using Normalized Vegetation Index (NDVI) in order to identify vegetation cover and the spatial distribution in the area for the period of investigation and to produce NDVI and spatio-temporal change m...