Production Of Biodiesel From Jatropha Crop

The interest in using Jatropha  curcas  L.  (JCL)  as a feedstock for  the  production  of  bio-diesel  is  rapidly  growing.   The  properties  of  the  crop  and  its  oil  have  persuaded  investors and policy  makers to consider  JCL  as  a  substitute  for  fossil  fuels  to reduce  greenhouse  gas emissions. In  this report,  we  gave  an  overview  of  the  currently  available information  on  the  different  process  steps  of  the  production process  of  bio-diesel  from  JCL.  Based  on  this  collection  of  data and  information  the  best  available  practice,    the  shortcomings and the  potential  environmental  risks  and  benefits  are  discussed for  each  production  step.   

The world is getting modernized and industrialized day by day. As a result vehicles and engines are increasing. But energy sources used in these engines are limited and decreasing gradually.  This situation leads to seek an alternative fuel for diesel engine. Biodiesel is an alternative fuel for diesel engine. The esters of vegetables oil animal fats are known as Biodiesel. This project work investigates the prospect of making of biodiesel from jatropha oil.  Jatropha curcas is a renewable non-edible plant. Jatropha  is  a  wildly  growing  hardy  plant  in  arid  and semi-arid regions  on  degraded  soils  having low  fertility and moisture.  The seeds of Jatropha contain 50-60% oil.  In  this study  the  oil  has  been  converted  to biodiesel  by the  well-known trans-esterification  process  and  used  it  to power  diesel  engine  for performance evaluation.



1.0 Introduction

1.1aims and objectives

1.2 statement of problem

1.3 relevance of the project

1.4 scope and limitation of study

1.4 Methodology

2.0 literature review
2.1 Biology of Jatropha
2.2 Processing techniques
2.2.1 Pyrolysis (thermal cracking)
2.2.2 Transesterification (alcoholysis)
2.3 The effect of moisture and free fatty acids
2.4 The effect of reaction time
2.5 The effect of reaction temperature
2.6 The effect of molar ratio
2.7 Alkali catalyst
2.8 Acid catalyst
2.9 Fuel properties of jatropha biodiesel
2.10 Biodiesel Characterization


3.0 Equipment and methods of processing
3.1 Materials and methods
3.1 Experimental set-up and procedure

 4.0 Results and discussion
  4.1 Results
  4.2 Discussion of results

5.0 Conclusion and Recommendation
5.1 Conclusion
5.2 Recommendation


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