Serial Verb Constructions In Gurene

ABSTRACT This thesis investigates “serial verb constructions” in Gurene, a Gur language spoken in the nortern part of Ghana. It examines the defining properties of SVCs, the semantic and the syntactic classification of SVCs in Gurene, using the prototype theory framework. The fundamental principles of the theory which include “prototypicality,” “resemblance” or “similarity to the prototype,” “gradation” and “cognitive economy” are applied in classifying the various types of SVCs in the language. The primary data used in the analysis include interactions between native speakers through informal interviews, recorded public speeches, sermons, local radio discussions in Gurene and a questionnaire based on translations in Gurene. The corpus data used for the analysis are derived from some reading materials written or translated in Gurene and some existing literature on SVCs in some serializing languages across the world. The study presents analysis of “tense, aspect, modality and polarity” (TAMP) marking in serial verb constructions and the types of semantic and syntactic SVCs that exist in Gurene. The semantic types include clause chaining SVCs, intergrated SVCs, benefactive SVCs, locative SVC, instrumental SVCs, comitative SVCs, escort/accompaniment SVCs, capabilitative SVCs, concomitant SVCs, concurrent SVCs, refusal SVCs, purpose SVCs, motion SVCs, manner SVCs, comparative SVCs and the cause-effect SVCs. The syntactic types also include mono-subject SVCs, multiple subjects SVCs, mono object SVCs, multiple objects SVCs, non-object SVCs, unexpressed object SVCs, and multiple serial verbs constructions. The study shows some similarities and diferences between the defining properties of SVCs in Gurene and those of some other serializing languages; hence, it is beneficial to both speakers and non speakers.

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