The title of this work is THE NUMERAL SYSTEM OF IKA. 

This language is used by the Ika people of Delta State. It’s central focus 

is to find out how numerals are derived in the language and the different 

morphological processes it undergoes in the modification of number 

names other than the basic ones.

The motivation behind this study was the shocking and 

disappointing realization of the lack of linguistic study of this aspect of 

Ika. Another aim is to create a reference for further research pertaining 

to this aspect of linguistic study of Ika.

The theoretical frame work used in the work is the descriptive 

approach of Lehmann (1999). This framework deals with the 

investigation of structure of a language through the collection of data 

through interaction with native speaking consultants.

This study employed the primary source of data collection to get 

the numerals data used in the analysis. This involves the acquisition of 

numerals in Ika through competent native speakers. Two informants 

were used in the course of this research combined with my competence 

in the language too. All numerals in Ika used in this research were 

transcribed phonetically, tones were marked on all items, as Ika like 

most Nigerian language is a tone language.

The findings in this work is the morphological processes that 

numerals in Ika undergoes during its derivation. Example of these 

process found in Ika numerals include affixation, reduplication, 

compounding and clipping.

The recommendation of this work is on other aspects of linguistic 

study of Ika ranging from phonology to its syntax that hasn’t been worked on. 

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