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Wastewater is made up largely of organic carbon, either in solution or as particulate matter. About 60% is in particulate form, consisting of proteins, amino acids, peptides, carbohydrate, fats and fatty acids. Wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) prevent potential waterborne disease outbreak. This is achieved by the active use of mechanical process and biological process of the treatment plant to treat and convert wastewater into clear effluent that meets specific standard. The effluent water can be used for irrigation and domestic purposes, and the thickened sludge as organic manure for farming. The inlet is the first stage of the treatment plant with an average dry weather inflow of 9,000 cubic meters per hour ( m3/ hr.). its composite is; 42 ton/day of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and 84 ton/day Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD). The aeration basin mammoth rotors function to introduce oxygen inform of air (air contains 21% oxygen) into the mixed liquor to enable respiration of the micro-organisms, thus facilitating feeding. The retention time of the mixed-liquor based on design calculations by design engineer is thirty hours and four minutes (30.4 hrs.). The supernatant and some micro-organism of equal or less density with the supernatant from the distribution well is passed through ultraviolet rays to kill or render dormant any living  and harmful organism.

Monitoring of the wastewater process, beginning from the up-stream through the down-stream, to ensure that all the unit operations are in good operational condition can easily be done from the mimic/annunciator panel.

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