Journals Consortium’s mission is to evaluate universities (and other higher institutions) and research journals based on their publications and citation, as well as to bring research articles to everyone’s reach. They just concluded a ranking conducted on 1,447 African Universities and Higher Institutions.


The Total Influence Factor (TIF) is the sum of Research Publication and Citation score plus the Internet/Web Presence score.

The Research Publication and Citation (RSC) score is directly proportional to the number of publications and citations of a university or higher institution for the previous 5 years. Journals Consortium utilizes the publications and citations scores available on Google Scholar.

The Internet/Web Presence (IWP) is also directly proportional to the number of times the university or higher institution appears on the Internet.

RSC ∝ number of publications and citations of university for the previous 5 years

IWP ∝ number of times the university or higher institution appears on the Internet


The Internet/Web Presence score carries less weight compared to the Research Publication and Citation scores. The scores are normalized by logarithm transformation for portability.

The Journals Consortium utilised research publications and citations from the last five years (2010 to 2014) as well as visibility on the internet

Based on these factors, The Top Ten enviable List is as follows:

University Country Total Influence Factor

1. University of Cape Town South Africa 45.02

2. Cairo University Egypt 43.43

3. University of Pretoria South Africa 43.35

4. University of Nairobi Kenya 42.81

5. University of South Africa South Africa 42.32

6. University of Witwatersrand South Africa 42.20

7. Stellenbosch University South Africa 42.16

8. University of Ibadan Nigeria 41.22

9. University of Kwazulu Natai South Africa 41.13

10. Ain Shams University Egypt 40.54

The University of Ibadan(…the first and the best) started off as University College of Ibadan which was established in 1948. The establishment of the University could be traced directly to the reports in 1945 of the Asquith and Elliot Commissions which were set up by the British Government in 1943.Its Website is

University of Ibadan has emerged eighth position in Africa and the best in Nigeria by these statistics:
Research Publications and Citations Internet/Web Presence total influence factor
38.45 2.77 41.22.
With 3.80 points away to clinch the top spot.

University of Ibadan made in the latest 2015 ranking of African Universities and Higher Institutions has elated the Vice-Chancellor (VC), Isaac Folorunso Adewole, who said the best was yet to come the way of the institution.

In the reaction of Adewole to the ranking conducted by Journals Consortium on 1,447 African Universities and Higher Institutions he stated that the vision of the university “is to be a world-class institution for academic excellence geared towards meeting societal needs”. According to him, “University of Ibadan will not rest on its oars until it ranks at par with renown Universities and Higher institutions globally”, adding, “administration is poised to expand the frontiers of knowledge through provision of excellent conditions of learning and research”.

credits: Journalsconsortuim

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