Academic performance is the outcome of education — the extent to which a student, teacher or institution has achieved their educational goals.

Good Academic performance is an end in itself. It is the end product of Hard work and consistency. It is about being an all rounder and mastering diverse skills. It is usually evident through good grades, above average CGPA and maintaining a satisfactory academic record while meeting the obligations of the courses you enrolled.

Many Students often prioritize academics at the expense of personal factors including relationships and exercise.

Good Academic performance even in a Layman’s understanding is associated with so much seriousness and alertness, they often measure a person’s academic performance by how cool, calm and calculated they appear, Hence refer to people that are characterized with gross playful attitudes as bad academic performers. Academic performance is written on paper and above all, IT IS PRIVATE. Only the student knows and this will cancel the speculations that a calm and quite looking student maintains a good academic performance as against playing looking ones because you can not see what their performances in school are like.

If you want to stop being a Triangular student (one that goes from Class, Cafeteria and Hostel,repeat) and have some fun while maintaining a good academic performance, try combining these tips:

Integrate social life with school life– Create time for social events like exercises, sports and hanging out with friends and family. A physically active student performs better academically. Address family issues first before studying. Have some fun with your friends and family. Treat your school and social life equally.

Set a Schedule– Often students draw up time table in every new year, ensure you include both academic and extra curricular activities in your schedule. Do not use a time meant for another activity in your schedule for another. You have to follow it strictly and do not compromise your schedule.

Strive to achieve and not perfect– Do your best to be an achiever than a perfectionist. Do as much as can and to your limit. Ensure you have done your best. Then move on to the next activity on your schedule.

Always remember you are Human– Always remember you are human, do not force yourself to undertake activities that are too strenuous and tough for you. You do not possess super powers to know everything. Just be who you are. Always reward yourself when you achieve every milestone in your social and school life.

There are still several reasons why you don’t make good grades even after combining the rules above, It’s left for you to find out and tackle those issues. ‘College life is the best’ they say, so having fun while you still maintain good academic performance is the key and you will never regret when you’re past the stage.

In conclusion, for you to have a sound academic performance, there must be a balance in your social and academic life.

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