simple research topics for mechanical engineering

If you are a student or graduate student looking for simple research topics in mechanical engineering we hope this article will provide some pointers and help.

Mechanical Engineering is the branch of engineering that is focused on designing, analysing, manufacturing and maintaining mechanical systems. It has elements of design, physics, mathematics and material science.

The research topic you settle for will depend on your major area of focus or interest in mechanical engineering study. You Can see a full List of Topic Here

For instance in your study you may have interest or focus on cooling systems, combustion engines, power generation/renewable energy, automobiles, etc.

So here are some samples of mechanical engineering research topics suitable for project work, dissertations, thesis or a research paper;

The Cavitation Effect in Centrifugal Pumps

Performance Of A Modified Vehicle Drive System In Generating Hydropower

Synthesis And Characterization Of Biofuels From Various Nigerian Crops For Internal Combustion Engines

– Experimental Investigation Of Upflow Bioreactors With Central Substrate Dispenser

– Development Of A Gas Propelled Rocket Engine

– Comparative Analysis Of Renewable Energy Sources For Power Generation In Nigeria

– Design, Simulation Of Solar Refrigator Of Adsorption Principle

Development Of Automobile Brake Linings Using Local Materials

Development Of A Pedal Powered Washing Machine

Development Of A Low Cost Biomass Briquetting Machine For Rural Communities

You can find more simple, interesting research topics for mechanical engineering HERE

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