Project Topics on Computed Tomography

Before we dive into some project topics on computed topography let’s look at the meaning of tomography.

Tomography is a technique for displaying a representation of a cross section through a human body or any other solid object using X-rays or ultrasound.

On the other hand Computed Tomography (CT) is a diagnostic imaging test used to create detailed images of internal organs, bones, soft tissues and blood vessels.

Now on to Computed Tomography research topics, below are some full research work and topics related to Computed Tomography that you can access for your research or study;

Evaluation of Liver Tumors using Computed Tomography
The general objective of the study is to evaluate the role of CT in diagnosis of liver lesions. And furthermore to determine which lesion in the liver with high incidence, and to find out the geographic distribution of the liver lesions in Sudan. Sixty patients found to have focal tumoral liver lesions were recruited for 4 months period and their triphasic CT scans findings were evaluated and later correlated with final Diagnosis. Sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value and diagnostic accuracy of triphasic CT scan were calculated.

Assessment Of Acute Stroke Using Computed Tomography
This is descriptive study and was conducted in three months during the period from November 2016, to February 2017 in Aljazeera injuries and orthopedic surgery center in Wad Madani and Wad Madani technical hospital. This study carried out in a sample of 50 patients (34 men and 16 women) who underwent to brain computed tomography examination. The objectives of this study is to assess of acute stroke using computed tomography , to measure % percentage of ischemia to hemorrhage , to identify the common site of stroke, to correlate the finding with age , gender, habits and weight and to show the relation between the finding and underlining diseases.

Evaluation of ExtraAxial Brain Hemorrhage Using Computed Tomography
The extra axial brain hemorrhage causes mortality when not early diagnosed and treated. The study aimed to evaluate the extra axial brain hemorrhage using computed tomography. Collcted all the patients from Ibrahim Malik Hospital from march to may 2016 .Non contrast computed tomography was done in all patients . The result from 60 patients with different age and gender diagnosed as extra axial brain hemorrhage.In this study peak incidence was among the age between (41-50 year), (63.3%) of patients complain of headache as common clinical indication. Found the Right side was common in (51.7%) ,and the Subdural hemorrhage (48.4%) was common in final diagnosing. 

Characterization of Renal Lesions Using Computed Tomography Imaging
This was a descriptive and analytic study, the main objective of this study was to characterize Renal Lesions using computed tomography. The study was conduct at the Al zytuona Hospital and altamyouz center for emergency During the period from February 2018 to march 2018, Data was collected from patients referred to the computed tomography scan department . the study included (50) patients from different ages , male and female having different renal lesions . study has come out with many result including that The renal lesions most common in male (60%) than female (40%), The most effected group between (41-60) years ,the most common lesions to be found was stone (46%), cyst (36%) , mass
(10%)cyst+mass(8%) respectively, Common site of renal lesion at the region of lower pole (50%) , Cortex (22%) , Upper pole (16%), Middle pole (12%) respectively

Diagnosis Of Para-Nasal Sinuses Disease Using Computed Tomography
The cross –sectional descriptive study aimed to diagnose of paranasal sinuses disease using computed tomography. The study conducted at Alyaa specialized hospital during the period from (February to September 2016). The sample size was 100 cases- with different symptoms were chosen axial and coronal cuts, done to explain the suitable technique to demonstrate all the para-nasal sinuses disease clearly. Data was collected and analyzed by SpssSoftware. The result of the study showed Rhino Sinusitis is the commonest sinus disease. And the most age group affected with para-nasal sinuses disease is (31-40) years which account of 30% out of cases. Rhino sinusitis was a large percentage in female group (31%) and as same as polyps in male (25%).

Study Of Computed Tomography Findings Of Lumber Spine Injuries
Lumbar spine injuries continue to be an enormous public health problem even with modern medicine in the 21 century.
Most patient mild stage, the remaining injuries are divided equally between moderate and severe categories. This study is statistical study, but through it the researcher reflected the social and economic impact of lumbar spine injuries. The main purpose of this study is to estimate variety and severity of lumbar spine injuries. This received in some CT diagnostic centers and police hospital in Khartoum state.

Detection Of Lung Abnormalities Using High Resolution Computed Tomography
The study was conducted in Sudan heart centre and Modern Medical Centre in Khartoum state-sudan from may 2015 to may 2016 the data collected in Radiology Department from patients files and analysis by SPSS. A descriptive study designed to detection of lung abnormalities using High Resolution Computed Tomography in diagnosis lung disease which cause chest pain, shortness of breathing and other signs and symptoms related to respiratory system and to correlated the findings to age, gender and the feature of disease. The study main finding diagnosis was bronchoectasis 26%, mets 22%, fibrosis 18%, tuberculosis 14%, pneumothorax 12% and others 8%.

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