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Farming, sometimes referred to as Agriculture, is the practice that involves cultivating/growing plant and livestock food.

While there are several forms of farming this article will focus on pointing you to relevant research on different aspects of farming as well as looking at research papers about farmers that you may find useful.


How to Find Relevant Farming Research


1. You can Visit Afribary’s database for research papers, thesis, articles on farming

2. Browse through the hundreds of research on farming (you can filter for papers, thesis, articles, dissertations, projects etc) and pick any of the farming related research that meets your interest or needs.

3. You can also use the prominent search box to enter any farming research related keywords or topics to show more specific materials that you can use for your research.

Some selected farming research work (thesis, papers, articles, dissertations, projects) from our database/library;


Research on Organic Farming


To find latest research on organic farming follow the steps below

a) Visit Afribary’s research library section for organic farming 

b) You can browse through hundreds of research titles about organic farming

c) You can also use the search box to search specific keywords or topics on research about organic farming

See below a few of the research titles, papers, thesis etc on organic farming;

  • Organic Spices Farming In West Districts, Zanzibar: Its Contribution To Livelihood Outcomes Of Smallholder Farmers | Dissertation | 78 Pages

  • Analysis Of Rural Households’ Use Of Organic Farming Practices In South – South, Nigeria | Thesis | 251 pages

  • Utilisation of Organic Farming Practices and Materials by Small Scale Farmers in Ogun State

  • Economic Analysis of Organic Farming in Tanzania: A Case Study of Smallholder Coffee Production in Muleba District

  • Can Organic Farming Be An Alternative To Improve Well-Being Of Smallholder Farmers In Disadvantaged Areas? A Case Study Of Morogoro Region, Tanzania

  • Organic Spices Farming In West Districts, Zanzibar: Its Contribution To Livelihood Outcomes Of Smallholder Farmers | Dissertation | 78 pages

Search through hundreds of research in organic farming, find research questions about organic farming, and browse through research titles about organic farming.


Urban Farming Research


Here’s how you can find content on urban farming research;

a) Visit our Urban Farming research section

b) Browse through the many research papers, thesis on urban farming

c) Or use the search box to find titles or materials on any keyword related to urban farming

Here are a few urban farming related research papers/titles

You can browse through more Urban farming research papers here


Farming System Research


Looking for relevant research on farming system? You can find something useful through the below;

a) Check out our search results for farming system research

b) Browse through the dozens of pages of farming system related research materials

c) Alternatively you can also search the database for specific keywords and topics


A few farming system research or related research materials;

Browse more farming system research work here


Research Papers on Farmers


There are lots of research papers and titles on farmers or research work examining the work of farmers. You can

a) Visit this general result page for research on farmers

b) Browse through the hundreds of search results

c) Use the search box to further refine your search based on keywords or specific topics related to research on farmers

Start finding relevant research on farmers here


Afribary is a fast growing academic research library where you can search, find and download quality research on farming, organic farming, urban farming, farming systems etc. You can visit Afribary here and start searching for any specific keywords/topics you want research titles on.

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