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Every year tons of research about agriculture gets carried out across the world, some of them focused on agriculture in Africa.

If you are looking for research papers about agriculture, quantitative research about agriculture or thesis on agriculture we are sure you will find some very useful research titles and materials to aid your research on Afribary.

If you are

You can decide to dive in here to explore thousands of research papers, thesis etc on agriculture. We have also listed below a few selected samples of recent research in agriculture.


Research Papers about or related to Agriculture


1. Agricultural Youth Sensitive Policies: The Way Forward in Enhancing Youths Inclination Towards Agriculture

Youths constitute a formidable force in the agricultural production process, constituting a sizeable proportion of the workforce especially in the rural areas. While their contribution towards attaining food security cannot be underestimated yet their apparent lukewarm attitude towards agriculture is a source of concern… | 11 pages

2. The Impact of Agriculture on Economic Growth in Nigeria: 1980-2014

The study examines the impact of agriculture on economic growth in Nigeria from 1980 to 2014. Agriculture played a dominant role in the economic growth of the country, providing employment opportunity, raw materials for industries and providing foreign exchange earnings for the country…. | 30 pages

3. Farmers Information Literacy And Awareness Towards Agricultural Produce And Food Security: FADAMA III Programs In Osun State Nigeria

Agriculture remains the mainstay of the Nigerian economy, because it does not only contribute to the largest share of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), it is the largest employer of labour and a key contributor to wealth creation and poverty alleviation, as large percentage of the population derive their income from agriculture and related activities.. | 13 pages

4. Agricultural Productivity Growth in West African Agriculture: A Frontier Function Analysis

Productivity growth in an economy is important because it is an essential source of overall growth. The study evaluates the total factor productivity growth in agricultural sector of West African countries between 1961-2000 and also determined the technological change and technical efficiency change within the period… | 12 pages

5. Long and Short Run Dynamics of Agricultural and Petroleum Sectors in the Economic Growth of Nigeria

This study examined the economic relationship among agriculture and petroleum sectors and growth of Nigeria’s economy as well as the effects of these two key sectors on the economic growth. The Bound (ARDL) test which was used to examine the long-run relationship among the variables revealed that there is a long-run relationship among agricultural and petroleum sectors and economic growth … | 16 pages



Thesis on Agriculture


Thousands of academics and researchers have published their theses on agriculture. If you are looking for thesis on or about agriculture you can find enough different materials and titles.

See sample theses on agriculture or about agriculture below;

1. Ways of Enhancing Food Production Through Organic Agriculture Among Farmers in Northern Zone of Cross River State, Nigeria

This work was designed to determine the ways of enhancing food production through organic agriculture among farmers. Five research questions and five null hypotheses guided the study. A survey research design was adopted for the study.The study was carried out in northern zone of Cross River State, Nigeria…. | 144 pages

2. Influence Of Selected Factors On Youth Participation In Agriculture In Kajiado North Sub-County, Kenya

About 60% of the Kenyan population is comprised of youth. Agriculture provides over 80% of employment opportunities and livelihood to Kenyans. However, while youth unemployment is rising, youth engagement in agriculture is declining. Kenya‟s service and industrial sectors have not created enough jobs for the youthful labour force. …. | 106 pages

3. Influence Of Selected Factors On Participation Of Rural Youth In Agriculture In Balaka District, Malawi

Worldwide, young people and mainly the rural youth face challenges in trying to earn a livelihood, yet agriculture offers a lot of opportunities for investment and their livelihood. Malawi economy is predominantly agricultural. Young people form more than 50 per cent of the country’s population. Despite the Malawi government efforts…. | 99 pages

4. Assessment of Urban Agriculture as A Means of Sustainable Urban Livelihood in Enugu Metropolis, Enugu State Nigeria

Urban agriculture is defined as the practice of farming within the boundaries of towns or cities. It is one of the most common informal sector activities of urban dwellers in Enugu. Farming in this sense involves crop cultivation, animal rearing and fish farming. In this definition of urban agriculture, the location of farms plays the most important role…. | 207 pages

5. Transformation Of White Settler Agriculture In Colonial Kenya: The Case Of Molo, Nakuru District, 1904-1963

The study examined the transformation of white settler agriculture in the Molo area during the colonial period. Settler farming was an important aspect of the colonial economy in Kenya. Settler farming in Molo area was introduced due to a combination of economic and geographical factors…… | 152 pages

6. Analysis of Rural Women’s Use of Technologies in Women in Agriculture Programme in Umuahia Agricultural Zone

Food production, majorly revolves around women who are most times not privileged to have some inputs at their disposal. The use of improved technologies in production no doubt increases food production but women are not empowered to make use of these technologies in Umuahia Agricultural Zone, Abia State. This study therefore, analysed the rural women‟s use of technologies in Women in Agriculture (WIA) programme…. | 168 pages

7. Analysis of The Cassava Value Chains and Economic Implications On Actors in Southern Ghana

Currently, the cassava crop is transiting from a staple food commodity into an industrial crop for the production of starch and ethanol and this suggests probable changes in marketing arrangements and conditions. The present study analyzed the cassava chains and the economic implications on actors in Southern Ghana….. | 231 pages

8. Determinants of Use Intensity of Inorganic Fertilizer and Its Effect On Maize Yield Among Smallholder Maize Farmers in Northern Ghana

Studies have shown that poverty rates in Northern Ghana are two to three times more than the national average. Poverty, low income generation, and chronic food insecurity remains a critical challenge among the people in this region. Smallholder farmers in northern Ghana have limited access to the assets that would facilitate a shift from low productivity subsistence farming… | 116 pages

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