The first synonym of undergraduate is Poor Student. I can not be wrong on this assertion. Owning to their lifestyle, Average undergraduates have unique features ranging from their meal plan, mode of dressing no matter how large their dress sense is and social life. I am most interested in the meal plan of an Undergraduate in the South Eastern part of Nigeria:

1. Meal Plan
Okpa Special in the morning: Saving lives since the inception of life in Enugu especially.
Okpa Oji River

Soak and travel GARRI for Lunch: Soak and travel was coined by students who had little Garri remaining, they added water to the garri and kept it soaked in their closets, They feast on it when they return in the afternoon, by then It has so swollen that friends are invited to partake in the meal.
soak and travel garri without

garri and milk
This is for the big boys especially when their girlfriends come around the house.

Fries for dinner especially for Students lodging within the School environment. Akara or bean balls, fried yam and potato with Pepper sauce remains their favourite dinner
You know they are students when they queue up because that is their last life line in their bid to maintain a balanced diet of their standard.

Everyone had a bucket full of experience as an Undergraduate. Do not be shy to admit this is you.

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