In school it is common that the guys keep going after the girls that catch their fancy. I remember watching a few of my friends suffer at the hands of some pretty but wicked (yes those girls were really heartless!) first year babes.

Then it was not unusual to see a dude taking his new ‘catch’ out for the evening and coming back to soak garri in the room after spending on the girl in one of the plush canteens or joints in school.

So let’s cut to the chase. How do you know if that babe in first year or second year that you’ve been hanging out with or trying to ‘convert’ even likes you?

Given the Nigerian situation is she does any of these below then chances are high that she does not;

1. She Doesn’t Pick Your Call
missed call
2. She Picks an Expensive Joint for Your First Date
3. She Doesn’t Visit or Let You Visit Her
knocking on the door
4. She Packs All Her Friends for a Date With You
5. She Orders a Full Course Meal, then a Sharwama and Bucket of Ice Cream
6. She Doesn’t Call You or Text You Unless It’s an Emergency or She Needs Money

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