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Pattern Of Asymptomatic Sexually Transmitted Infections In Women Undergoing Hysterosalpingography For Infertility Evaluation In Ibadan Nigeria

ABSTRACTThe roles of gonorrhea and non-gonococcal urethritis due to Chlamydia trachomatis in the etiology ofinfertility due to tubal occlusion have been established by various studies. Hysterosalphingography WSG)is done to investigate tubal patency. This study was aimed at finding the prevalence of Wptomaticsexually transmitted infections (STIs) in women being investigated for infertility in a tertiary institution.Methods: This was a cross-sectional study of asymptomatic infertile women refer...

Misconception About Ultrasound Among Nigerian Women Attending Specialist And Tertiary Health Institutions In Ibadan

ABSTRACTBackground: In women health, ultrasound is well established as a safe tool, and it is often the first imaging modalityemployed in the, screening, investigation and treatment of conditions in obstetrics and gynaecology. However,women's misconceptions about health issues, aetiology and treatment of diseases conditions may have negativeimpact on their health care seeking behaviour. Client's perspective of diagnosis including investigation process istherefore crucial in health care. This ...

Renal Resistive Index in Normal Adults. in-Ibadan, Southwestern Nigeria: A Preliminary Report

AbstractBackgroundColour Doppler sonography is used for visualizationof blood flow, non- invasive evaluation of vascularresistance and measurements of velocities in renal andintrarenal arteries Its usefulness in the evaluation ofthe kidneys ranges from the diagnosis of renal arterystenosis and renovascular disease to the assessment ofintra renal hemodynamics in several differentpathological conditions such as essentialhypertension, acute and chronic renal failure, pre andpost-transplant asses...

The State of Radiology Subspecialty Training in the West African Subregion: The Residents' Perspective

ABSTRACT The tremendous revolution and the significant advances intechnology in the field of imaging with increasing complexityof imaging procedures has placed increased ddontheradiologist, who must understand the anatomy, imagingmodality technology, and clinical issues, as well as medicsand surgical options for an conditions or disease processes.It is no longer possible for any individual radiologist tomaster and maintain the qx!rth and depth of hdedge,requiredtoplwidethehighestqditym~~...

Hydrostatic Reduction of Intussusception under Ultrasound Guidance: An Initial Experience in a Developing Country

AbstractBackground: Intussusception is one of the most common causes of acute intestinal obstruction in children. Hydrostatic reduction with barium enema is the widely accepted and preferred mode of treatment of uncomplicated intussusception. The aim of this study was to report our initial experience with hydrostatic reduction of intussusception.

Prevalence Of Abnormal Bone Mineral Density In HIV-Positive Patients In Ibadan Nigeria

ABSTRACTBackground: There have been reports of high rate of abnormal bone mineral densities (BMD) among people living with Following the introduction of combination antiretroviral therapy (CART) into Nigeria, the country is now increasing population of HIV positive patients. There is paucity of data about osteoporosis/osteopaenia an mineral density in this population.

The Yield From Routine Chest X-Rays in Stage 3 Breast Cancer Patients

ABSTRACTContext: Cancer of the breast is a common malignancy in Nigerian women and various imaging -examinations, including the chest radiograph are routinely requested in all patients with this disease.

Sonographic Evaluation Of Testicular Volume In Neonates In Ibadan, Nigeria

ABSTRACTBackground: The testes are responsible for the production of spermatozoa and testosterone in man. Reliable and accurate determination of testicular volume is of great potential benefit in evaluation of patients with a variety of disorders affecting testicular growth, development and function. Ultrasonography (USS) provides a good and reliable tool for determining testicular volume when objective, accurate and reproducible measurements are required. This can be done in an easy and ...

X- Ray Hysterosalphingography: The Most Painful Part in the Nigerian woman

ABS1R4CT Background. Hysterosalphingography (HSG) despite the accompanying pain still remains relevant in gynaecological practice. For effective analgesia. it is important to identify the most painful step of this procedure. Numerical Rating Scale (NRS) and the Categorical Pain Scale (CPS) were used to identify the most painful step of HSG procedure and to find out if age. parity and the degree of infertility affect pain perception in this group of patients. Patients and Methodology: Nin...


Abstract It has been established that radionuclides accumulates during mining and mineral ore processing, leaching into water bodies and thus increases naturally occuring radioactive materials (NORM) concentration levels. In this work, theoretical and experimental methods have been used to study radionuclides transport and fate in groundwater systems at the Newmont Akyem Goldmine in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Radiation doses from radionuclides in groundwater have been modeled by consid...

Performance Evaluation of the Food and Environmental Monitoring Radio Analytical Laboratory in Ghana

ABSTRACT Since the establishment of the Radiation Protection Institute’s Food and Environmental Laboratory in 1988, there has never been any thorough evaluation of the activities of the facility to provide assurance of the quality of analytical results produce by the laboratory. The objective of this study, therefore, was to assess the performance level of the Food and Environmental monitoring laboratory with respect to the requirements for a standard analytical laboratory (IAEA, 1989...

The Prevalence of Cholelithiasis in Nigerians with Sickle Cell Disease as Diagnosed by Ultrasound

ABSTRACTAIM: To determine the prevalence of choleiithiasis in Nigerians with sickle cell disease in steady state, using ultrasonography.


ABSTRACTThis chapter is to intimate the doctor who must have had some background training in radiology with the essential radiological investigations required for trauma patients who can be managed in a non-tertiary hospital setting.


ABSTRACT206 patients clinically diagnosed as stroke/cerebrovascular accidents (CVA) were investigated using computerised tomography (CT) scan.

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