Grades, some people retort it is not a true representation of knowledge especially Academic knowledge and even go ahead to argue that many students now resort to dubious means(Sorting) to acquire good grades. Believe me, We still have sharp Brains in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, I am going to tell you which vehicle you should be given by the Government for whatever grade you make in School.

1. First Class and Distinction grades
Between 4.5-5.0-The elite grade, The high fliers, they deserve the costliest car.

2. Second Class Upper and Upper Credit
Between 4.0-4.49-The nearly cannot kill a bird kind of grade, First class materials and 4pointers as they are fondly called well, out of pity. Thumbs up to them, A good car is their portion.

3. Second Class Upper and Upper Credit
Between 3.5-3.99-They believe they are untouchable, They already have a mindset that it is Two-one or nothing. Nigeria values them and should award them a Bugatti Mansory Vivere.

4. Second Class Lower and Lower Credit
Between 3.0-3.49-You should not be having much fun with friends because your grade looks like nearly Two-one(Nigerian Mentality of success) and a me and a friend content car should be given to you. Atleast one shoulder to cry on.
me and my friend car

5. Second Class Lower and Lower Credit
Between 2.5-2.99-No vex, You can repaint the car, it is going to have a patch on its body for remembrance that you only passed Half of your general grades. Of course, We all say half bread is better than none or has the wise saying changed?

6. Third Class
Between 1.0-2.49-Well done. Please repair your vehicle. By the time you change all the bashed parts, it will stop shinning or you will auction it. In your next world, you will say it is First Class or nothing.

7. Pass- Student na only you waka come? The vehicle can not help too but laugh at the sight of the awardee.
even your car dey laugh you

8. Attempted University and V.C handshake- The government will set you upon a Hill and ask you to choose any car of your choice from the heap of scrap before you. You will now respond cryingly Thank you Sir, I do not want, I want a paper to show I saw the four walls of a university. Too bad a situation you know. Avert it now.

Strive to be the best. Aim higher so that when you drop if need be, you still end up good.

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