We have randomly selected Current Project topics in Medical Radiography and Radiographical Science fields.

These topics can be developed in many ways and we have materials for these topics listed and more to guide you throughout your research work.

These topics include:

1. Pattern Of Findings In The Echocardiogram Of Hypertensive Patients In Conquest Medical Imaging Centre Enugu
Background: Echocardiography has become and important tool in medical imaging. it is used in the confirmation of heart diseases especially hypertension, in nigeria major cities using conventio…
Premium 79 pages 12936 words Project

2. Evaluation Of Compliance With Standard Postero–anterior (pa) Chest Techniques
This study was carried out to evaluate the compliance with standard postero-anterior (PA) chest Techniques in University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Ituku Ozalla. A total of 375 assessm…
Premium 83 pages 11628 words Project

3. Identifying The Factors Influencing The Attitude Of Radiographers To Their Professional Body
A professional association is usually a non-profit organization seeking to further a particular profession, the interests of individuals engaged in that profession and the public. The roles of…
Premium 61 pages 10799 words Project

4. Local Construction Of Battery Powered Dual Face Radiographic Viewing Box With Rotatable Neck And Adjustable Stand
The research work was designed to construct a locally battery powered dual face radiographic viewing box with rotatable neck and adjustable stand. The illumina…
Premium 78 pages 12131 words Project

5. Public Awareness Of The Health Effect Of Radiation Emitted From Telecommunication Mast
This study proposes to research the awareness of the public on the health effect of radiation emitted from telecommunication mast. Since the major effect of this radiation emitted from telecommunicati…
Premium 72 pages 11350 words Project

6. Royal College Of Radiologists Guidelines For Abdominal Radiography Requests: Assessment Of Referring Clinicians’ Adherernce
Plain abdominal radiography is believed to be over utilized as an investigation for acute abdominal complaints. Because of this, the Royal College of Radiologists published guidelines in order…
Premium 38 pages 4520 words Project

7. Establishment And Management Of A Private Ultrasonographic Centre In Enugu Metropolis; Problems And Prospects
This study was done to determine the problems and prospects of setting up and running a private ultrasonographic centre in Enugu metropolis. It was carried out in the 38 registered diagnostic …
Premium 64 pages 9530 words Project

8. Correlation Of Mri Findings With Outcome Of Treatment In Patients With Spinal Cord Injury: A Case Study Of Lagos University Teaching Hospital Idi-araba Lagos Nigeria
Study DesignA retrospective studyObjectivesTo correlate the MRI findings with the outcome of patient treatment in patients with spinal cord injury. This study tried to study the recovery of pa…
Premium 66 pages 11037 words Project

9. Common Magnetic Resonance Imaging Findings In Patients With Neurologic Disorders, In University Of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Kwara State
Objective: To evaluate the common MRI findings in patients with neurologic disorders.Method: A retrospective study of 106 patients with neurologic disorders was carried out and their respectiv…
Premium 99 pages 16464 words Project

10. Characterization Of Breast Lesions Seen During Mammography At University Of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu
This research was carried out to characterize the variety of the breast lesion seen during mammography at UNTH and to establish the age distribution of the lesion at the time of presentat…
Premium 49 pages 8508 words Project

11. Prevalence Of Low Back Pain Among Practicing Radiographers In Enugu And Ebonyi States (a Case Study Of Unth, Nohe, Esuth And Fetha)
This study on the prevalence of low back pain among practicing radiographers in government hospitals, was done in Enugu and Ebonyi States. The objectives of the study were to determine t…
Premium 57 pages 9304 words Project

12. Establishment And Management Of A Private Radio-diagnostic Centre In Onitsha, Anambra State Problems And Prospects.
This study was done to determine the problems and prospects of establishing and managing a private radio-diagnostic centre in Onitsha, Anambra state. It was carried out in the 42 diagnostic c…
Premium 67 pages 9276 words Project

13. Assessment Of The Perspective And Attitude Of Radiology Staff To Radiography Students For Clinical Training In The Radiology Department (a Case Study Of Unth, Esuth And Nohe)
Clinical training of radiography students is part of the medical academic curriculum in a hands-on environment where students are taught skills, behaviors and attitudes required to enter into …
Premium 70 pages 13620 words Project

14. Assessment Of Mammographic Screening Awareness Among Female Traders In Enugu Metropolis, Enugu State
So far, mammographic screening is the only mode of detection that has been shown to reduce breast cancer mortality (Montazeri et al). Thus unless women are educated about mammography and…
Premium 61 pages 12414 words Project


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