In Nigeria, as soon as Students drop or break their Pen after writing their last paper during a degree exam, they rush to post on all social media,‘Latest/Freshest Graduate in Town’. I did same too. And I am referring to such graduates.

These set of Nigerian Graduates are the worst hit of High blood pressure-psychologically proven.

See why:

1. They have their grades to think about especially during ‘Reconciliation and Senate approval stages’. Let them hear Senate is on strike-Build up to HBP.

2. They get anxious when they hear from their colleagues that results are beginning to get published. No matter how much you are worrying, The grades on the notice board are never going to change. This is a build up to HBP.

3. Usually have their pen in hand calculating their CGPA with available results and assuming other grades(Checking with ‘D’ throughout or ‘C’ throughout), you know what I mean,to prepare themselves to accept their ‘Class’.

4. They are hyper Religious. Uncertainty makes them religious and always praying, Hence, ‘God allowing’ ‘God willing’ ‘By God’s grace’ ‘Insha Allah’ become their most used word when talking about a career future they do not know but dream about.

5. NYSC timetable is out!!! The greatest fear of these set of graduates. HOD are we going for service by November? His phone can not stop ringing and office flooded by Students who can not stop asking until He tells them they are not going. Let me share my experience, My HOD chased me away with a Ballpoint pointed at me asking WHAT DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT GRADUATING AND NYSC?. I was speechless. He made us spend 1year 3months at home waiting for NYSC.

Share your own story in the comment box below too. I want to read about your experience.

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