We see all kinds of lecturers in schools in Nigeria. While we normally do not remember some of them there are the ones who leave an indelible impression on you as you pass through School.

The Strict and Religious: They start every lecture with a portion of their Religious Book and always portray a fact that you only must read to pass their Examinations. No sorting. No Victimization. No office visitation. Just Read and Pray.

The Philanderer/He-Goat: A Philanderer is a man who readily or frequently enters into casual sexual relationships with women; a womanizer. If you do not pay them a visit you will fail. They are always dirty looking with unkempt beards. These days, Both females and males get unfair shares from these Lecturers.

The Cram and Pour: He stands before the class and recites a textbook written by someone else. They have never written any textbook. They hook up with Lecturers in their field from other Schools, make purchases and turn these works into handouts claiming the ideas therein are their Brain-child. To pass, you must also Cram and Pour.

The Absent One: You only see their Textbook and Handouts flying around and sometimes you make payments for their materials and never get them delivered to you till after the Exams. The Worst part is that you can not look for them because you have no clue as to where to begin. Bad Experience! You will always remember them.

No ‘A’ in my Course: Even if you can cram a whole book and pour, You are never going to make an ‘A’. They usually say ‘A’ is for God. The Students also say HE GAVE ME ‘C’ ‘D’ ‘E’ AND ‘F’ and NEVER SAY THEY MADE THESE GRADES.

What was your experience with any of these Lecturers like? Kindly share with us using the comment box.

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