There is a general believe that Copy and Paste is the easiest way to transfer messages from an unknown message composer/carrier at a place to target audiences everywhere.

Every Composer also believe Copy and paste will help disseminate information or encourage ‘Sharers’ to take it upon themselves to make sure each contact on their Facebook List, Twitter List, WhatsApp(Most annoying), Blackberry Broadcast Message(BBM) and other social media lists receive the message because there is an embedded Clause that reads ‘Share this with all your friends and someone will surprise you with Money today’. Everyone loves Money huh? Haha!

A Broadcast message is simply a copied message, added to a composer box, shared to some or all contacts using the social media usually on instruction to share or voluntarily.

Now imagine a scenario where a ‘Sharer’ will have to retype these long messages in their own compose space, add all the beautiful emoji’s used therein to at least beautify and convey more meaning, before sharing it. This looks and sounds Herculean, unimaginable to do and the propensity of readers to share will be on a minimal level.

If Copy and Paste did not exist, The Broadcast message syndrome would not have infected some of our friends because some of our friends are Lazy to type long messages.

An Example of a BC below. Who can retype this message exactly?
See Copy and Paste Message below.

Friends are like balloons. Once you let them go, you can’t get them back. So I’m gonna tie you to my heart so I’ll never lose you. Happy Friendship Day! Send this to All your friends including me if u treat me as 1. If you get four back you are a Great friend
We make many friends ??

Some become Dearest ?

Some become Special ?

Some We Fall in Love with ?

Some go Abroad ✈

Some change their cities ?

Some Leave us ?

We Leave some?

Some are in contact ☎

Some are not in contact ?

n Some don’t contact us ❌

because of their ego ?

We don’t contact some ❌

because of our ego ?

Wherever they are busy

However they are, ??

New Article: The only Copy and Paste that people will gladly do without minding how long it takes…Watch out and keep a date with us tomorrow to know.

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