Cheating in an examination means deviation from acceptable rules and regulations guiding the general principles of any examination.

If it says Do not use or put away your Bags, Phones, Textbooks, Notebooks, Handouts, other incriminating items and you use them, You are a cheat when you are caught or not.

Students always gather or individually brainstorm on the best method to use to ensure extra Success during an Examination.

They OFTEN come up with these methods:

1. Tiny Paper Notes: Students just write down salient points and can elaborate it if that particular question comes out. I keep saying that it only takes a Bright student to carry tiny paper notes (expo) and execute same without being caught.
shortnotes cheating

2. Back of school fees receipt with a Pencil: If you attend(ed) a school that requests receipt in the exam hall, you will understand what I am saying better. They get caught easily during checks. Begging ensues.

3. Lap Pasting: Women do this more and cover them up with Short skirts.
lap image

4. Palm writing:
palm cheating

5. The almighty Long necking: Still the best and most common method for most male students, afterall its penalty is change of seat they say boastingly.

6. Phones: You must be high on costly drugs to have the negative morale to execute this and bounce.

7. Carrying textbooks and handouts: The evil elders in your village are already on top of your case to make you a University dropout. Haha! DEFINITELY YOU WILL BE CAUGHT.

Did I catch you in any method? Share you experience using the comment box. I will love to read from you.

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