Our weakness helps to define us. If you have not identified your weakest point, It is as good as saying you have not realised yourself. Other words, You do not know who you are.

A weak point is:
-An attribute that is inadequate or deficient
-The quality of being something that holds you back
-An imperfection of Character
-A Failing point
-A Fault
-A shortcoming
-A Sore Point
-A Lapse
-A Fragility
-A Powerlessness
-An Indecision

No matter how ugly and hopeless its synonym sounds, A Weak Point can be managed and won. To overcome a weakness shows that you can deal with any challenges when they rear their ugly heads.

Few steps You can use to deal with a weak point:

1. Identify It: You can not work on something you have not identified. Sometimes, You notice these lapses yourself, it usually holds you back and makes you powerless, It is a Weak point. If you have measured yourself and not convinced, engage your friends by asking them. Record what they say, Evaluate these opinions using general standards, You might be lucky to identify your weak point.
Basically, what you cannot measure you cannot improve, and if you can measure it but choose not to, you are at the mercy of your beliefs.

2. Acknowledge it: Now that you have found your Weak Point, Acknowledge and accept it.
Signs to look out for that tell you that you are not accepting what you find include arguments such as:
“It doesn’t really matter.”
“Everybody does it.”
“No wonder, it’s because…”
If you do not accept your weakness, there is no way you will ever make any permanent change to overcome it.

3. Love it: If you do not love the fact you found a weakness and celebrate it you are much less likely to go look for another one. Learn to be happy about finding weaknesses, It energizes you with the prospects of becoming better.

4. Break it: When you have come this far, after going through all the rigorous processes aforementioned, Break your back and ditch that weakness. Even if it means cutting off a finger oops!, Move on and Never look back.

Wow, It is just this simple. By following this simple process, I can guarantee that you will become even a better person and your self-esteem will go up. Just remember that skipping a step is not an option, as it will seriously water down the next step.

Any questions? Additions?

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credits: Thaurusdictionary

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