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Men always step aside for a Lady to make the first exit or entry. Ladies give credit and call them ‘Gentlemen’ when they obey this rule that has existed over millions of years, who made the rules, we can not tell. A Guy that opens the door for them and closes same behind them is the dream guy. How long is he going to do that? This most times applies when the Lady is the new girl.

Thinking is there any relevance of Ladies first thing in the midst of Danger like fire outbreak, mob attack and robbery? Nigerian guys know how to explain later. What about entering a dark or poorly lit room first? Ladies will rather work parallelly than stay behind or wait for men to apply simple rules ‘Ladies First’.

Unconsciously, A Lady lives by the mindset that it is her first. This is not self-centeredness or selfishness, it is a Culture Socialisation. It has become a part and parcel of her. Our Society and Culture has taught her thus. This beclouds her reasoning and body language when she is with a man and when she is with a follow Lady. It is even worse when they expect every average guy on the street to treat them as ladies first.

Experience: This was how a guy insulted a Lady at the bus stop this morning because the Lady asked him to step aside for her to enter that it is Ladies first. I think the guy must be rushing to meet up with an unannounced test. Just thinking!

Most of the Power politics played by Ladies in public is as a result of wanting it done for them first. Despite knowing a particular thing will go round or accommodate everyone, they will fight just to get it first. They act as though when gotten first, it shows superiority and well-off.

Ladies do not give a fellow lady any slight chance to shine better than themselves. Evidently, Out-classing is a lady thing. Wanting to be better and stay best than a fellow lady drives them to take consolidating actions. They will rain on parades just to make sure they outshine the next and take all the relevancy there is.

This is why all lady effects are on the rise. Classy costly looks could be quite expensive. Desire to have them and can not afford them widens the gap between some ladies.

The most confusing part is who are they really showing off for? Guys? Well, I don’t know. If you do know, kindly use the comment box and share your thoughts.

One advice: Stay Unique.



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