A Link usually hyperlink is a link from a hypertext document to another location, activated by clicking on a highlighted word or image.

Clicking on links usually diverts a user to a Website, Blog, Page, Group, Ads and Application.

People have become Anti-Link Clicks because of these series of reasons:

1.Catchy Title, Wrong Content: Generally Noticed, Some Link titles are so catchy that when you click on them, they automatically take you to an entirely different content that does not meet your present need. This discourages people from Link Clicks because they generalize that every link is still going to get them stranded and leave them deceived.

2. Reading Laziness: Some people only come online to see and add comments on pictures of ‘Fine Girl’ and ‘Fine Boy’. They do not deem it fit to read long write-ups written and published by anybody. They do read the topic, carry on the information without actually reading the content. For example, Hey Alex, Do you know people have become Anti-Link Clicks? Haha!

3. Android Megabyte(MB) Plan: Every Android user places so much value on even 1kb reason they switch off their Data Connection to conserve MB Life. They do not click on Links because of MB consumption especially when they have gotten a reminder from their service providers that they have used more than 75% of their Megabyte. The Users are willing to check the link out but their Megabyte is Unwilling.

4. Apathy: Click on Link? Forget it. They are not interested. They are Unenthusiatic, so indifferent, lack concern, show high level of non-involvement, so impassive and dispassionate about Links. Even when the link is an Expo to an Examination tomorrow, they are so unlikely to check it out.

5. Preponderance of Links: So many important links flooding their timelines and news feeds. Choice and Need now play an important role in determining which link gets a click. Other abandoned and unchosen links suffer because at that moment, it was not going to satisfy a need.

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