Friendship is Life. It is a state of mutual trust, support, respect and alliance. It goes beyond being seen together. It is a thing of the mind and spirit.

Friendship is acceptance, an attachment and a bond. It is shown and practiced. It is flexible and liberal.

When we have friendship, 80% of our problems are solved by friends. How? We share our issues with them, they assist us in any way they can and our lives get a relief. Then we exhale and say,’What could I have done without you’.

Look at these instances we often call(ed) ‘Normal’ and Undermine(d):

Students: It is friendship when,

-You have a Coursemate that calls you up when a Lecturer enters the class.

-You have one that when you miss your lecture he writes your attendance for you especially without you asking.

-One that goes an extra mile to take another student into a test hall to cover up for you and duplicate his work.

-One that borrows you Academic materials because you are yet to purchase yours.

-You comfortably keep your answer sheet open for them to copy under no compellation during assignments, Tests and Examinations.

Most people say these courses of actions are wrong and mal-practices, Well, It is only going to take a friend to give your academic life this level of lift because these are clear cases of risk taking. Do you have someone you can take a risk for?

Building a friendship is like the Chinese Proverb that says,”The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

We all have friendships we want to build, we can start building them today. Since we can all build it today.

If you already have this kind of friendship, Sustain it and look beyond School and Academics. It will keep cleaning up a mess for you and you in turn will watch their backs in the long run.

Lest I forget, Friendship is Loyalty. If you can not ‘stoop so low’ even when you should pride yourself, then you can not have a friend or be a friend to anyone.

Friendship is going to demand so much Humility, Self-discipline and forgiveness. So brace up.

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