And Home was becoming too boring and again I was having a bad Weekend because my EPL team Lost, I decided to take a mini Bus ride around the town. I boarded several buses and alighted at several busy junctions just to observe what our Youths were doing at some of the crowded areas I spotted. One particular spot got me taking closer steps diplomatically until I found myself in their mist.

Feeling like an observer and a mini Journalist or a Blogger as the real case is, I entered the mist of a certain group (I was convinced) of Students drinking and having so much fun evident from their dance steps, plates of rich looking and well garnished assorted meats, several brands of Beer and chorus singing. They seemed so undisturbed with issues. I listened to their discussions and they were talking about their Examination the following day (Monday) with the other part of their mouths. I got even more confused because I tried putting myself in their shoes, realized I would have been in Class for my TDB if it were during school days.

I enquired from one sitting next to me and the following conversation ensued:

ME: You have an Examination to write tomorrow?
Student: He answered in affirmative.
I got even more..lost
Student: The Course Rep brought us here for Fund raising.
ME: Fund raising? How does that work? Is it for purchasing/printing of answer scripts, Pen and other assesories? The School or Department need fund for the Examinations?
Student: Laughs Out Loud and Hard
I just kept pretending..confused
ME: Talk to me I pleaded
Student: Fund raising is contributing money for Lecturer.
ME: I sounded pitiful Oh! He lost his parents or relatives?
Student: He adjusted himself on his seat and assessed me. He said, “Sister you are too young not to know What’s up”.
I still was pretending lost.bewilder
Student: Infact, Let me tell you, In my department, you can not pass any examination without giving Lecturers money. It is called Sorting. This is the reason we don’t even read for our exams because at the end of the day, they will still ask you to come and sort.

Then I acted like just understood the whole situation.

ME: Who Defends your final year Project?

Student: Us oooooooo(Lenghty one) in front of external Invigilators for that matter.

Drops my Pen. #EnoughWritten

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