A lie is a lie even if the whole of mankind accept it as trivial, or of no effect. We have lived in a society where falsehood is treated as a minor sin, but the Almighty Allah consider falsehood as one of the major sins. We are not only liars but continue to teach it to our children from generation to generation and many die unconscious that they are liars. Every time I ponder over the Qu’ran and observe the consequential effect of the lies, my heart bleeds and any time I draw peoples attention to the grave consequence of such lies, I feel from their response that may be I am wrong.My heart tells me that God can never be wrong and the holy prophet Muhammad cannot change what God has revealed to him and he never did.Whether you consider the matter trivial or not important, you should read through these Gods words and the consequences of disobedience. May Allah Guide us all aright.


Name is an identity. The Holy Qu’ran states
“O mankind, we have created you from a male and a female; and We have
made you tribes and sub tribes that you may known one another. Verily, the
most honourable among you, in the sight of Allah, is he who is the most
righteous among you”.
Qu’ran 49:14

It states that the purpose is (Lita’rafuu) so that people will know one an another and
call one another by that identity. Ad’Iya according to lane Arabic lexicon came from the
word Da’a which means to call. It means the name by which one is called or identified
from others.

When a child is born, an identification name is given to the child as a tag to
differentiate him from other children. That identity is hooked to the father through whom
the child comes to the world to further differentiate him from other children.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was given that blessed name. He is attached
to his real father Abdullah even when the real father Abdullah died before he was born and
he was adopted by his grand father Abdul Mutalib.

In this process of identification God revealed to the Holy prophet that people should
be called or identified by their real father and never by their grand fathers or great grand
fathers or family fathers or tribal fathers. If the real father is not known you call them by
their mother like Jesus the son of Mary and no more.

It is considered a heinous crime to call a person by any other than his real father. To
do that is to tell a LIE and LIE is classified among the great sin ‘Al-Kaba’raismi”
In Suratul-Ahzab chapter 33 verse 6 of the Holy Qu’ran God emphatically
commanded “call them after their fathers. That is more equitable in the sight of Allah. But
if you know not their fathers, they are your brothers in faith and your friends.” Never
refer to them by any other than their real fathers.

Those who adopts the names of their grand, or great grand fathers or family fathers
think they are doing great honour to such persons. In reality they are committing a serious
crime against those people. They are imputing to them a sin which they did not commit.

They are like those who input to God the fatherhood of Jesus and God cursed them for
such imputation and God declared them liars for imputing to Him a son who is not His real
son there by deformating His character as committing illegal sexual intercourse with Mary
the mother of Jesus (Seratul Kahf chapter 18 verse 5-6).

People in the same vein think they are honouring their grand fathers, or great grand
fathers or great great grand fathers by erasing or deleting the names of their real fathers
or grand fathers from the family chain to an extent that future generation will not know if
such persons ever existed in the family.

Even if your father was a mad man, the fact that God brought you into the world
through him was a good reason to hournor him and not completely delete his name from
the family chain and attribute his children and wives who gave birth to the children to
another person who was never their real father or their mothers to another person who was
never their husband as the father of their children.

As God curse those who attributed Jesus and Ezra to Him as His children, so will
the father denounce every one that attributed their fatherhood to another person who is not
their real father or go by the name of another person who is not their real father.
God claimed in Qur’an 33
“Blood relations are nearer to one another according to the book of Allah” Qur’an 33 v 7
In the record of Allah, your real father is nearer to you than your grand father or
great grand father.

God claimed that this is the law written down in the Book. Q. 33v 7
The Muslims believe that the Book of Abraham, Moses, David and Jesus contained in the
Bible contain God’s Laws.

The question is “can we find any precedence in the Bible or any other religious Books of
God that any person ever adopted any other name of a father who is not His real father?
Both Christianity and Islam trace their origin to Abraham. We are told in the Bible
that Nahor was the father of Terah who was the father of Abram (Abraham).

There is no instance that Abram ever adopted the name of his grandfather Nahor as
his father in place of Terah.
Genesis 11:24
Abraham had Ismail for Hagar, Isaac for Sarah, Zimrah, Jakshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak
and Shuah for Keturah. None of the children ever was identified by their grandfather
Terah or great grand father Nahor.

According to Genesis 25:13-18…continue reading here


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