Significance of the Study is a section that is part of the introduction of a Project or Thesis work. The purpose of this article will be centered on how to write a good Significance of a study.

The sole aim of Significance of the study is to show at a glance the contribution of your Research to the body of existing or nonexistent knowledge or give your Supervisor/Reader an insight on how the study will be of benefit to them, your immediate environment and people that make it up.

Significance of the study is usually positive. It rallies around ‘stand to gain’, Benefits and contributions.

In Two paragraphs, I will tell you the two basic ingredients expected to be seen in a Significance of the study content.

Firstly, In writing the Significance of the study, always refer to the statement of the problem of the study. Simplifying this further, The problem your research study will tend to solve should be part of your significance of the study which is contributory and beneficial in nature.

Statement of problem
For Example, If you ask the question “Is there a significant relationship between government policies and the agencies that implement these policies?” Then the contribution of the study would probably be a working policy execution method that can help the government implement its policies effectively. This could be a reasonable solution to the hiccups experienced in government policy executions.

Secondly, Write the significance of the study deductively, Meaning write from general to particular. This is done by looking into the general contribution of your study,such as its importance to the society as a whole, then move towards its contribution to individuals as yourself as a researcher.

Benefits of these tips:
1. It will give you a perfect Significance of the study.
2. It will prevent your mind from wandering wildly or aimlessly as you explore the significance of your study.
3. Applying them will save time thus allow you to focus on the next section of your thesis.
4. This section may also help justify why your study deserves approval.

Be guided.

credits: Regoniel, Patrick A.

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