Afribary is pleased to announce the upload of New works done by ardent researchers on the site ‘‘ on Banking and finance, Management studies.

Below is a compiled and randomly picked list of Project topics in Banking and Finance. These topics have available materials from Chapter 1 – 5 on the site. However, they can be developed in several different ways distinct from the parent material on the site.

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1. Impact Of Sales Persons On The Corporate Growth Potentials Of A Company (a Case Study Of Seven-up Bottling Company Plc, Enugu)

2. Detection And Prevention Of Financial Fraud In Nigerian Banks

3. The Marketing Of Bank Services In Nigeria. ( A Case Study Of Union Bank Of Nigeria Plc Owerri Branch Office )

4. Financial Distress In Some Commercial Banks, Reasons, Issues, Consequences And Solution

5. The Causes And Effects Of Liquidity Problem On The Nigeria Banking Industry.

6. An Overview Of The Risks Associated With Bank Lending In The Banking Sector

7. The Effect Of Federal Expenditure And Money Supply On The Rate Of Unemployment (1989-2000)

8. Cash Budgeting As A Basis For Making A Decision

9. The Impact Of Management Information On Bank Lending Decision

10. The Role Of The Nigeria Money Market In Indigenizing The Credit Base Of The Economy

11. The Small Scale Enterprises And Economic Development Of Nigeria: Enugu State Experience Banking And Finance

12. Source Of Finance For Medium Scale Industry In Nigeria A Case Study Of Aluminum Manufacturing Company Alumaco

13. Impact Of Commercial Bank Credit On Agricultural Development In Anambra State

14. The Marketing Of Banking Services (a Case Study Of First Bank Of Nigeria Plc)

15. The Impact Of Federal Government Tax Policies On Nigerian Economy 1995-2003.

16 Microfinance Bank As Government Strategy To Poverty Reduction In Nigeria

17. Bank Fraud And Its Effect On Bank Performance In Nigeria

18. Journal Of Internet Banking And Commerce Exploring Factors Influencing The Adoption Of Mobile Commerce

19. Electronic Banking/ Investment And Portfolio Management (a Case Study Of First Bank Nigeria Plc) Accountancy

20. Review Of Monetary And Fiscal Policies In The Nigeria Economy

21. Training And Development Of Human Resources As A Critical Factor In Banking Operations (a Case Study Of First Bank Of Nigeria Plc) Enugu Main Branch

22: The Impact Of Management Of Risk In Nigerian Banking Industry, A Case Study Of Afri-bank Nigeria Plc.


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