To Write the Scope of study of a research work, certain salient points must feature and guide you to provide your readers adequate information on what basis and limits your research work covers.

The first thing to mention in any scope of study is to state categorically the periods the study covers. Most times, Researchers combine scope of study with the limitations of the study. They are somewhat interwoven. The difference is that limitation further covers others limitations like Combining lectures with your research, monetary constraints if necessary and Un-cooperation of targeted audience.

In addition, in writing the scope of the study, your research methods need to be stated which includes listing specific aspects of the data, such as sample size, geographic location and variables. The academic theories applied to the data also need to be listed so the reader knows the lens of analysis the researcher is using.

Since it is impossible to collect all data on a subject and explore every facet of a subject, all research is narrow in scope and subject to limitations. By acknowledging how research is restricted, it becomes more credible.

Practically, If you are writing on the topic ‘The role of Mass Media in educational development in Nigeria from 2010-2015’, Your scope of study is going to include its several roles within the time frame stated. It should also state Mass Media types used in the analysis of the study including locations and sample size used.

The scope of the study is limited to the role of Mass Media in educational development from 2010 to 2015. The scope of mass media equipments used were the television, radio and other electronic sets which are meant to give out information objectively through their effective usage to educate the poor masses. NTA 6 Enugu and the educational programmes they air were used as a major case study. 300 questionnaires were adequately filled and returned by the target audience to ascertain some variables.

Any other constraint and limitation can be stated under limitations of the study.


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