Every Student runs out of raw cash at some point especially towards the end of an Academic section. I had my own experience as a student too, the difference was aside my financiers, I had other means of making money.

I would like to quickly share with you all how to make money legitimately as a Student and how I made mine as a Student,

1. Online Freelance Writing Jobs: If you are a good student, love researching, can really execute a research work successfully then the sky just became your starting point. There are different sites that require the services of freelance writers, examples are Afribary.com, Upwork.com, Freelancer.com etc. Register on these sites, place bids on available works, wait to be contacted to do the job through your email.

2. Student Government: You are Charismatic and still broke? Then you are wasting an inherent talent. Explore it now. The truth is that those SUG guys see some money. When others say there is a meltdown, they say there is a build up.

3. Repair Everything: To the extent you can fix an electric bulb for that ‘Ajebo’ neighbour and charge her. It is business. Be a husband for hire in a short explanation. If You don’t know what a ‘Husband for hire’ mean, kindly ask Telemundo Lovers or google.

4. Arrange Extra-Moral Classes: Spot those courses that are tough for your junior colleagues, If you understand them, teach them and make cool money.

5. Run Night shifts: Work at night if you can combine that with morning classes. Most times, Night duty as it is called does not mean your eye is not going to blink and you just have to work and work. It’s worth giving a try.

6. Buy, Sell they Buy: Commodity trading. Like everyday use products, Books, Biros, Toothpaste, Tissue, Polish, Indomie, Make-ups, etc You will get adequate patronage.

7. Work for Lecturers: I made plenty of money from doing this. I record a large heap, he pays me. Sell his books, get my commission. Render other forms of ‘help’, I get some cash too. N/B: For females, you must be intelligent to pull this through and not end up bedding your lecturer. Reason is closeness will bring advances, he can not fail you if you refuse, as long as you can defend yourself in other courses.

Go make your money, remember to pay your 1%. I am not Remita though, but one percent is cool business.

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