Student Researchers are always in a hurry to take a trip to the Supervisor’s office to submit the first chapter of their Project works. At least it shows some reasonable progress since it is the hardest part of the work. All the other chapters are well supported by the approval of chapter one. Yes, It is the basis, root and foundation.

A potential trip has four stages:
– Before embarking on the trip
– On the trip,
– Reached destination and
– After the trip.

However, this article will be focused on what to do and what not to do when on a trip to your supervisor’s office.

1. One Page writing: Write each subtitle on a page. Do not write another subtitle on same page with the earlier written. If your supervisor writes his red pen on one, you can rewrite that same page or subtitle and attach it back. If you keep overlapping, you will end up rewriting everything each time he strokes his red pen on your work thereby wasting your time and making the whole process herculean for yourself.

2. Proper Arrangement: Organize your work at home, since they are in sheets, perforate and file them. Acknowledge used works and Authors in your reference. Some supervisors no longer accept works with references less than 2005 in some special cases. Make sure you have done a carefully researched work, mastered some of part of your work before embarking on the trip because your supervisor is likely to ask you some questions.

3. Dressing: You remember looking good is good business? Make it your slogan. IF YOU HAVE A CAR, KINDLY DROP IT AT HOME. Some greedy supervisors will start extorting you like they gave you money to keep for them. You have a gift, you can give him at the END of your work to show appreciation.

4. Accept Corrections: Do not argue with your supervisor. He says, ‘This is wrong!’ tell him ‘yes sir’. When the time to ask questions come, politely state your counter opinions convincingly defending your work. Nothing interests them than knowing you know your onions.

5. Carefully detach red-penned areas, correct them and attach them back according to initial arrangement.

It is just as simple as this. You can add to this or ask questions using the comment box.

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