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Before now you have been thinking life would have treated you fairly if you were schooling or schooled abroad. Well, after reading me on the advantages of Schooling in Nigeria, you are going to have a rethink.

I am not even going to tell you for the umpteenth time that a Nigerian Student can adapt to any environment easily but I want to HIGHLIGHT the notion by saying that including this clause ‘Adapts easily to changes’ in your CV showcases you must not have had a normal Student life in Nigeria. No employer will get convinced or take you serious on your adaptation stance because it is an understatement when measured or juxtaposed with the real experiences as a Student. They all know what it is like, they either experienced or read about them.

Nigerian Schools bake you. You become like a Gold passed through the fire and shines even brighter, I mean a refined Gold. This is a major advantage of schooling in Nigeria. It prepares you for real life situations It is as though the processes have been modeled to fit into third world situations. The suffering situations. Haha! Even if you attend(ed) a Private institution, remember you still do have restrictions and imposed donts. This is a general situation. Do not exempt yourself.

Nevertheless, Most critics say Nigerian Schools and Curriculums are Theorized that is, un practicalized.

The big question is a course like ‘Political Science’ or especially art courses, How are we supposed to practice them in our Schools and Environments? Every Political student should stand to be elected? or Be on AIT analyzing politics or criticizing thereby play the opposition politics? This is just one scenario out of so many and word count can not just allow me to go on and on to point out several anomalies associated with practical learning proponents. If you have answers to these questions, kindly use the comment box below the article.

A valid fact: Some courses studied here in Nigerian Schools are still world standard. Go to anywhere in the world, you will still be taught same concepts. After all, we study a ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL Curriculum world wide.

The advantages I have pointed out include:

1. Fortified Background Knowledge: In terms of learning any concept and course, you are taught the basics, you acquire the theory-know-how. You can discuss and elaborate related keywords/registers comfortably because this is what people want to read or hear about. What you know and learn reflects in your writing, speech including conducts. This I have identified as a viable tool in globalization. Your contributions on social media are weighed especially when they have to do with special issues requiring expertise. Theory first I will say.

2. Radical Minded: You begin to look at ways of changing a long existing harsh status quo. You begin to desire improving life. You can become an inventor in Nigerian Schools. Radical inventions that will improve the average life of a Student. This was how Afribary.com came into existence, solely to provide succor to Students writing assignments, projects, thesis, dissertations, term papers etc. You can check our Library

3. Patient: It is only when you come in contact with the non-academic staff section of your school that you will understand my concept of patience. Looking for missing results or awaiting results is another form of patience lessons which can be further eliminated by resitting. Of course the wisest thing to do especially when a new section and exam period has come.
The Non-Academic Staff can make you spend an extra year in school during clearance, be prepared to put up with their delays. They will teach you how to be patient in situations where your mates are lobbying and you do not have spare money for anyone.

4. Alert: You become cautious of your environment. If you survive the environment full of harmful ‘things’ through being watchful, information gathering and alertness, you become your own safety box.

5. Selfied: What self-‘word’ can you think of right now? that is true to type of who you become. At least you begin to build your own empire self-sufficiently.

The advantages continue…check back here tomorrow.

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