Students who live in school hostels usually perform better than others who live outside the school environment according to academic records.

Again, Show me a School that has the most comfortable Hostel system and I will show you a dull hostel student. I experienced the worst scenario and we had words peculiar to us, still familiar to everyone. During holidays, my friends from other schools also mention such words during discussions and catch ups. Some of these words became part of our life shaping, molding and grooming.

At the mention of these words, everyone understands what you want to say even before you complete your sentence. Some of these words are:

1. Bed Space: Before you become a proud owner of a Bed space, you must have gone through the rigorous process of getting cleared by the Student affairs department. You know that stress of sometimes lobbying to secure one? Standing on long queues to get cleared? Bed Space owners are seen as the Bourgeoisie especially at the beginning of a new academic year. Everyone settles in eventually. Very popular Word

2. Bunky: Used to refer to people who share same double bed in a room. Bunky takes over the original name of some students.

3. Beddy: Some Universities pair people to one bed that is, they allocate two people/strangers to share a bed space. Continuous working relationship grants each party beddy calling rights.

4. Shyting Bucket: Serves as a substitution for the school provided public toilets. No one squats directly to poo in these toilets because of its general use, abuse and some times unavailability.

5. Operator: Usually scream at at Nights to switch on the School light generator or Water Sumo during dark hours and scarcity of water respectively.

6. Porter: Usually a man and woman who act as inspectors to make sure the hostel guidelines, rules and regulations are duly followed by occupants.

7. Toilet End Rooms: Most dreaded accommodation location. This is so because these rooms are situated opposite the sanitary line. Most of its occupants are there for free and regarded as abnormal. Abnormal because other students marvel at the morale and patience they have when the sanitary paths are messed up.

8. Short Put: This means using a nylon bag to empty the bowels, then throw across the fence. Not really peculiar to Students, it serves as an alternative to No water situations, dirty environment, and choice. Lol.

9. Closet: A shared cupboard-like area used by students to store up their personal effects and food stuff. The word becomes even more popular when a student loses an effect he sure locked up in his closet.

10. Common Room: A room owned by Mr. Nobody but controlled by somebody. For watching TV and receiving visitors.

You can include more words using the comment section.

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