A Bibliography is a general list of all Books, Articles, Works and References as we call them used in a Research.

Annotations are descriptive and evaluative comments about the sources/references cited in a Research work.

An Annotated Bibliography therefore, is a list of citations followed by a brief comment informing readers how relevant, accurate and the quality of the books, articles and works consulted for the Research work.

There are two main components of an Annotated Bibliography

Citation: This should be written in accordance with the prescriptions of your Supervisor or your School as studied during your Research Methodology course. We have three citation styles, The APA, MLA, TURABIAN or CHICAGO. See images

APA Stlye:


MLA Style:




Annotation: The word count for the comments should be on the average of 150 words and all in one paragraph. It should contain; A brief summary of the work, relevance to your field of study and accuracy to other studeis in the field, Evaluation of the methodology, Authors Background and Personal comments about the work.

View a Typical Annotated Bibliography Style below:


Even if you do not use it, a knowledge of it is still very useful.

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