Brilliant people don’t know more than their books. All their life and cardinal points revolve around the book. But intelligent people can navigate the world with ease.

You will make a wailing wailer out of a brilliant person if you lock him up but put an intelligent person in the same room and he will find the keys to the door.

Intelligent people are always very creative. They can spin something out of nothing but brilliant people are like a programmed robot. They can’t see beyond the books.

But very recently, most brilliant people end up in the classroom as teachers/lecturers because they can’t do more than the books, Intelligent people run the town.

Brilliant people read blog posts and sink ideas. Intelligent people challenge the contents of a blog post to ascertain and strike a balance between their beliefs and yours.

Brilliance accepts ideologies. The quote all of them to buttress their points at intervals needed but intelligence form ideologies for brilliance to quote.

Brilliant people are always not interested in perfections. Intelligent people tends toward perfection.

If you still doubt my expositions on brilliance and intelligence, see a Professor of Psychology and compare his brilliance to his fashion sense: Zero

Credits: ChristainChukwu

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