I had my own fair share of punishments while growing up. It was a double experience, in School and at Home. The School experience was usually harsher than Home where Parents and Older Siblings were lenient. These days, I am not even sure if those punishments helped a lot. All I can remember is resorting to hiding to still get some rough play done. Haha!

Well, this article is not about me. It is about how effective Punishment is in correcting the abnormalities detected. We now live in societies where abnormalities have become normal. These situations are so glaring to the blind and audible to the deaf.

One major challenge faced by moral Instructors is proving to a Child that a particular course of action is wrong, this is because that is how everyone around is doing it.

I remember a Viral video of Kids who went for a Party, rocking themselves in bad positions. Adults so criticized them, yet they dance same way when at a party. How then do we spank them for doing what we do?

On a School Level, Names of noise makers is a veritable tool used in compelling Students to quietness. You will agree with me that this list is a very controversial one. People who tried borrowing books from mates to keep themselves busy ended up on that list even People who called on their neighbour to help pick up a Biro became noisemakers. How then do we punish this Student for trying to maximize his spare time by reading or get his pen picked up? How do we explain this?

You remember those surprise looks on the face of an innocent Student who was earmarked for punishment? What is his interpretation of Punishment?

A Lecturer leaves the class because the individual with the rude comment refused to own up, What problem has this collective punishment solved?

From my personal perspective, Punishments should be a last resort when other methods like Cautions, Stern Warnings and shouting have failed. Kids love petting, some wrongs can be corrected through soft talks. Adolescents become more open when cuddled. Students get aggressive when punished especially collectively. It seems punishment is old fashioned.

This is open for Debate, kindly use the comment box and let’s know your view.

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