As my friend will always say:

“I forget only trivial things and issues”

Whenever I probed and revealed more, he always realised some trivial issues were never meant to be forgotten. You can not indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events-Reminisce if you forget too quickly.

During School days, after each examination, I and ‘My Exam Friends’ always cross checked our answers using our textbook. Some would shout ‘Yes! I remembered when Prof. xxx said it in class’. Some would be like ‘It’s true oooo! I did forget, I did not write it’

You know what happened to those friends? They just forgot what they should have remembered.

Forgetting what you should remember is not Memory Loss or Amnesia, It was simply caused by inadequate attention to details. In other words, when things were said and discussed, you were not paying attention.

Read 5 Ways to Manage it here:

1. Avoid Distractions – Concentration does all the work. Listen when someone is talking to you.

2. Keep a Jotter or Diary, Labels, Reminders – Carry around a small pad and a pen or pencil to easily write down notes and reminders. For people with high technical know-how, You can download a note-making app on your smartphone and tablet.

-Use a calendar or daily organizer to keep track of upcoming appointments, activities, and important dates.

-Place sticky notes around the house and workplace to remind you of important tasks. You can also set reminders using your phone or email calendar.

-If need be, Keep a checklist of daily reminders. Put it in a convenient location, where you can look at it frequently. If necessary, keep another copy elsewhere.

-Color code or label certain cabinets or drawers where you store things around your home.

3. Ask Questions even if you feel like you are repeating yourself. Then keep track of the important facts you discuss. Eliminate clusters as much as you can.

4. Treat every detail as IMPORTANT. You as a listener should sieve what to digest.

5. Use Acronyms, Word play, such as rhyming, to help you remember things.


If you know other ways, You can share with other Afribaryblog readers using the comment box below.

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