Attention means the act of close or careful observing or listening. Attention Loss is the act of not carefully observing or listening even though it seems to everyone around you that you are paying close attention or engrossed.

Then there is Attention span. This is the length of time during which someone is able to think about or remain interested in something. To get a longer attention span, even a span long enough to read this article, you need some kind of focus.

Paying attention for a long period of time is a form of endurance sports. Like every sport requires practice and training to get the best out of it, your ability to pay attention for a long period of time demands some attention fitness training.

However, When an individual gets to a peak in paying attention, diminishing attention sets in leading to attention loss. Attention loss may be caused by these unscientific causes:
-Long Speech
-Personality etc

Nonetheless, this is not a health condition and can not be cured. It is not a demon possession and can not be cast out. It is only caused by peak levels and can only be managed/worked on.

One Outstanding Mode of Managing Attention Loss is Endurance and Patience. Others are discussed below.

5 Ways To Manage Attention Loss:


1. Avoid Distractions
Avoid as much as possible positions, friends, schedules that may make you pay less attention to Lectures, Discussions, Activities and Talks.


2. Train Your Attention Span
As identified above, the longer your attention span can last, the more managed your attention loss becomes. Saturation points beget attention loss and gradually you lack concentration and remember nothing said in those few ‘away’ minutes. It happens to everybody, people who have managed it over time are the brilliant ones we hail.


3. Stay Interested
If you feel neutral about a discourse that should really concern you, there is 101% chance that you are going to have a loss of attention in the long run. Getting and absorbing the necessary information will elude you. It is therefore pertinent you show some rational level of interest about general and specific subjects and activities under discourse.


4. Exercise Everytime
Make time for physical activity to increase mental alertness. Try walking, swimming, or gardening. Yoga or meditation can also help you relax and clear your mind.

Conduct brain-strengthening mental activities, such as solving crosswords or puzzles, painting, playing a musical instrument, or learning a new hobby.


5. Get Plenty of Rest
You get worn out, You rest. Do not force yourself to stay focused when you know you are done there. If you hang on, Chances are you wasted your time and got nothing tangible out of the activity. So, Carry as much as you can and REST!
Meanwhile, you are only allowed to hang on longer if you are training your attention span.

If you know other ways, You can share with us using the comment box below.

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