You write huge sense with an eligble, bold and clean hand writing, You are my Hero. -Chika(2016).

If you understand the benefits of a good writing, you will take this article very serious. Computer age is fizzling out hand written documents, well, this is true until you take your hand written final year Project work to the typist. Then the typist will type exactly what she sees, it becomes false when you have to pay heavily to get your work proof read as a result of errors beyond you.

Some time ago, a friend asked me to help her read a line in her ‘own’ essay. She said, ‘I do not remember what I wrote again.’ Funny right? This happens when you are careless with the way you write.

Do you know your Analogue Supervisor can make you write your proposal over and over just because he does not understand or even make out a sentence from the document before him? For the remaining chapters, how much patience can you exercise?

OFF RECORDS: How about how I once ‘dashed’ a Male student 50marks because his handwriting was superb and he wrote nothing convincing to earn a ‘C’ in that course. This is the power of handwriting. It moves me!

Being articulate in ideas and having a bad writing, Having a good writing with little or no ideas, Which will you root for? Use the comment box below and tell us what you think.

In the light of the aforementioned, here are steps to improve your hand writing.
1. Choose the right Pen
2. Check your Sitting and Paper Posture
3. Buy a Hand Writing Manual
4. Write alot From Today- This includes tracing other good handwritings on paper.
5. Acknowledge spacing and Proper Paragraphying as your key and saviour

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