Conducting a good academic research is not an easy task. During our undergraduate and post graduate years in school we usually conduct lots of research; either writing projects, seminars, papers, thesis or essays. However, after writing these works, we often dump them and forget about them, not knowing that these works can be useful and make money for us as well.

I’m going to telling you how you can make money from your academic works using Afribary. is Africa’s largest academic library, we aggregate academic works from scholars, organizations and students across Africa. You can upload your academic works on Afribary and get paid when people across the world pay to access them.


How is this Possible?

Afribary has a program that rewards authors for their literary and academic works published on the platform. When your register and upload your work, you get a reasonable percentage of every sales generated.


How do I join?

Here is how you can become an Afribary Author

  • Register at
  • After registration, Go to Settings (
  • Click on Bank Details and Turn on Payments
  • Enter your bank details for accepting payments
  • Proceed and Upload your Works; Set price between N2000 Naira and N10,000 Naira depending on the type of work.
  • After uploading your work, relax and monitor your sales.
  • You can promote your work or profile by sharing on social media and make more sales.


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