A Questionnaire is a set of questions, written by a Researcher to help gather information from respondents which is further analyzed and forms a Research result.

A good questionnaire requires formulating the questions carefully, editing, reviewing and rewriting the questions when necessary. It should be Straight-forward and not difficult to answer.

We have identified the following rules of writing a good questionnaire to guide you in formulating questions for your questionnaire:

1. Use Simple words: Throw away all the big grammar known by only you. Use less complex words in sentences.

2. Create a balance: The questions should be structured in such a way as to generate useful answers for testing the hypothesis.

3. Start with interesting questions: One thing it does is ensures a smooth administration of questionnaire or filling of the questionnaire.

4. Avoid lead questions: Construct straight forward questions that can only be answered using the variables you have listed.

5. Use closed-ended questions: A closed-ended question is a question format that limits respondents with a list of answer choices from which they must choose to answer the question.

6. You can use few choice lists: Choice list can be a maximum of four answers. More accurate answers can be gotten from them during analysis.

7. Arrange the questions in Logical order: Your questions should connect and presented in such a way the respondents can think clearly before answering.

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