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Application Of Gis And Remote Sensing In Spatial Location Of Oil And Gas Platforms In The Niger Delta

this study investigated the uses of gis and remote sensing as a strategic tool for locating the positions of oil and gasfields. it has revealed the ability of gis tool to develop databa...

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Impact Of Urbanization On Fct Abuja

introductionurbanization refers to the population shift from rural to urban areas or the gradual increase in the proportion of people living in urban areas and the ways in which each society adapts to...

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Planning Implications Of Housing Development In Jos Jarawa District, Jos North, Plateau State, Nigeria.

this study aims atexamining the housing development in jos jarawa. 150 households were surveyedacross the district employing simple random sampling technique in order togenerate data on the...

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The Pluto Debate In The New Definition Of Solar System

this paper gives an overview of the pluto debate in solarsystem. it explains the new definition of planet and how it affects students in theelementary schools.the paper also seeks the acti...

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Role Of Planners In Transportation

Parallel roads, straight and evenly distributed in an area, the average distance from a road to the farms it serves can be derived theoretically, as indicated in table practice, road networks for...

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Effects Of Urbanization And Industrialization On The Hydrologic Regime And On Water Quality In Abuja

Urban sprawl is the most challenging effect of man’s activities on theenvironment; man tends to move from region of low socio-economic activities (Rural areas) to regio...

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Population And Climate Change “nigeria Case Study”

climate unpredictability and change in climatic parametershave direct influence on environment and human existence. a negative change inthe climate, always have its corresponding dysfu...

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Geology Of Enugu - Ngwo And Environments

this work presents a detailed geology of enugu-ngwo and environments. the study area is bounded by latitudes 7o23’n and 7o30’n and longitude 7o23’e and 7o30’e.the area extent covers ap...

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Environmental Impact Assessment Of A Proposed Tankfarm (a Case Study Of Okftz, Ondo State)

This study was carried out to assess environmental impacts of a proposed tankfarmwhich is to be situated at the Olokola Free Trade Zone in Ondo State (OKFTZ).It encompasses various fi...

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